Self-confessed beauty junkie Rose Byrne reveals the one look she won’t try

Self-confessed beauty junkie Rose Byrne reveals the one look she won’t try

 After switching from her signature brunette to platinum blonde hair in 2019, there are two things we know for sure about Rose Byrne. 1) She doesn’t shy away from a beauty switch-up and 2) there is no look she couldn’t pull off.

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But as adventurous as she may be, everyone does have their limit — and Rose’s comes in the form of a certain iconic 90s look.

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Speaking to Violet Grey, Rose revealed that despite growing up with a mum who didn’t wear much makeup, she still believes, “it doesn’t hurt to put on a bit of lipstick”.

That is of course, as long as the lipstick isn’t Rose’s dreaded shade of brown.  And while it’s a trend that has heavily resurfaced in recent years, Rose divulges she won’t be following suit; “the ‘90s may be back, but I’m still recovering from that look”.

However, talk to her about lip stains and it’s an entirely different story, “I wear them religiously, they are terrific in a berry colour”.

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Are there any beauty trends you refuse to try? If so, which ones?

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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever tried… Always difficult to find the right shade of any colour anyway for me. So many nudes make me so washed out. And gotta be super careful with pinks and reds. And I could never wear orange. Haha! Doesn’t leave much!

  2. Yeah brown lippy is a bit harsh. I’d rather go a brick shade or browny pink. Gosh there are so many trends I’d never do. I’d never over pluck my brows again. I cringe at the sight of some of my high school picks. My poor brows hehehe

  3. So many 90’s trends were good for the time, but probably shouldn’t resurface today. For me personally I wouldn’t go back to plucking my eyebrows pencil thin- I’ve been growing them back ever since!

  4. Can’t do nude, brown or orange colours – I’m too cool-toned & fair for all of them. I prefer shades of pink or red. I can wear a berry or a plum shade, provided neither of them are too dark. I’d also never go blonde in hair colour either as it’d wash me out, nor would I ever wear bronzer or do fake tan.

  5. I think only some people can actually wear the shade brown and pull it off.. Hence they look AMAZING! While everyone else that tries it just look.. Meh..
    Personally I prefer colours closer to my natural tones.

  6. I will never buy a neutral palette. Every colour palette I own has several neutrals so when you add them all up I have an obscene amount of shadow I feel no compulsion to wear.
    I don’t think I could go back to the darker lip liner than your lipstick trend, and really, I find it impossible to buy normal lipsticks now. They have to be colorstay or I just won’t wear it.

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