Starting over

Starting over

Imagine if all your make-up suddenly vanished. Disappeared. Exited your life forever. Scary huh? Well, yes, but also thrilling. As the latest products land in beautyheaven and we ooh and ah over mega-volume mascaras and creamy fuchsia lipsticks and clever powder compacts and, well, you get the picture: practically everything a girl could imagine in make-up. And a few more goodies besides.

I occasionally wonder what I’d do if I had to start my make-up collection all over again. And cost was no object, of course. What would I choose? What would you choose? Questions, questions.  

No woman can survive without mascara so let’s start there. Maybelline New York Unstoppable Mascara is awesome. It lengthens and pumps up lashes and doesn’t seem to smudge like some can. And I’ve tried more than my fair share.

Clinique Moisture Sheer Tints SPF 15 answers the question of a daily base since it has sunscreen, antioxidants and it’s oil-free. Trifecta time. Best of all I can hit it with a dusting of ELES Mineral Makeup Mineral Foundation Powder SPF 8 to give it a more sophisticated finish. That’s beauty-speak for a velvety, powdery look that’s coming back into vogue in time for the party season (take note, you’ll want it too).

Right, three down, many, many more to go. Paring down is the name of the game so two-in-one products get a great big tick. L’Oreal Paris Touch-On Colour 2-in-1 Shimmering for Eyes/Cheeks can also be dabbed on to lips so let’s just call it a multi-purpose wonder and be done with it. Fellow bh-er Sarah loves it as well. Her choice is Perfect Pink but I’m going for Shimmering Bronze. Oh, and Go-Go Gold just for good measure.

Next up, eyeliner: Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner in Charcoal, much better than black for blue eyes. And since I’m being minimalist, my lips are getting nothing more than the make-up artists’ favourite, MAC Clear Lipglass. Between that and my bronze and gold shimmers, I can create a few lip looks.

So that’s seven new products and I’m done. Over and out.

How would you restock your make-up bag?

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