How to remove eyelash extensions without causing damage

How to remove eyelash extensions without causing damage

Eyelash extensions are a lash lovers dream… until it comes to removal.

After the first three weeks or more, extensions can get a little scraggly and some begin to fall out on their own. It’s at this time that you’d usually:

a. get infills to make them fluffy and fresh again or

b. have them professionally removed  

And while we highly recommend not removing them yourself for fear of damaging your natural lashes, if you’re going to do it despite our advice, we might as well provide you with the safest option possible.

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What you’ll need:

  • Oil-based eye makeup remover (such as )
  • Cococnut oil or olive oil
  • Cotton pads
  • Cotton buds
  • Micellar water
  • Eye cream/serum
  • Lash serum

Step-by-step for removing eyelash extensions at home

#1 Remember how your lash technician told you not to use oil-based products near your eyes? This is because it breaks down the adhesive used. So to start your removal process, soak a cotton pad in your oil-based eye makeup remover and gently press onto each  (closed) eye for a good 30 seconds or so, focusing the pressure near the lash line.  You’ll want to saturate the area as much as possible, without causing irritation.

#2 Next, more oil, but this time from your kitchen cupboard. Dip a cotton bud into your choice of coconut or olive oil, and then apply it to the lash line rubbing gently back and forth, focusing on where the glue sits. At this point, you may have one or two false lashes that come away with the cotton bud.

#3 Soak a cotton pad in the same oil from step two, and press it against your lash line with your eye closed. Then, very gently, rub the cotton pad back and forth continuously. 

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#4 Every now and then, remove the cotton pad and you should see some of your lash extensions have come off. Depending on how strong your lash extension glue is, you may have to repeat step three multiple times on each eye to get every last lash. Patience is a virtue here.

#5 Once all the lashes are removed, soak a cotton pad in micellar water and run it over each eye to remove all the oil.

#6 Finish with a soothing eye cream or serum to calm the skin after so much rubbing.

#7 Apply a eyelash serum to help rejuvenate your lashes after the trauma and frtiction of removing your lash extensions.

Have you ever tried removing lash extensions yourself?

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