RAFW ’09: Marnie Skillings

RAFW ’09: Marnie Skillings

After heaps of flawless faces that focused strongly on keeping things nude and natural, it was refreshing to see a bit of colour on show at Marnie Skillings.
We grabbed MAC’s Noni Smith for five to talk tools of the trade …

What’s the inspiration behind this look Noni?
Marnie’s direction with styling was: still keep it feminine but there’s a toughness to it. She’s a tough biker chick slash hippy flowerchild so we knew we wanted to use colour.

So what are the beautiful shades you selected? We love the aquamarine.

There are two fairly bright pastels, both MAC Pro Pigment, one’s called Clear Sky Blue, the other Genuine Orange. (As these are MAC Pro only shades we recommend MAC Eye Shadow in Freshwater, a bright, summer-sky blue and Orange, no explanation needed.)

Those are some seriously strong brows. Discuss.

The brow is seriously solid and black, we used MAC Penultimate Eye Liner to fill that in. The shade is called Rapidblack.

What else do we need to complete this lovely look?

MAC Strobe Cream to begin, Studio Sculpt Concealer and MAC Lip Erase in Dim for the lips. (Sadly this is a MAC Pro product also but MAC Lipstick in Icon works just as well.)

Catch some backstage action and front row footage from Marnie Skillings, simply play the video.

Music credit: Hummingbird by Born Ruffians

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