6 questions you’ve always wanted answered by a make-up artist – page 2

6 questions you’ve always wanted answered by a make-up artist – page 2

bh: How can you prepare dry skin for make-up application so that it lasts and  doesn’t emphasise flakiness or look heavy on the skin?

RM: Use a Clarisonic to cleanse your skin. This machine is magic, and life-changing for dry skin. And if you know you’re going to use it in the morning, apply a heavier-than-normal moisturiser the night before to help soften the skin.

Also, a primer is a must. Then, lean towards using a moisturising foundation and stay away from powder. I always find that skin looks the driest straight after you’ve applied your base, however with liquid foundation containing lots of moisturiser, if you just wait a few minutes, that dryness disappears. If your skin isn’t flaking too badly, try using L’Oréal Paris Lumi Magique Primer for instant ‘OMG’ skin.

bh: When you’ve only got limited time, what products should you go for?

RM: Great brushes with a pointed/contoured shape will cut your blending time in half, so that’s a good start. I would use a great foundation (maybe a BB or CC cream if you prefer), mascara, lip gloss and a cream blush, because cream blushes can go straight on bare skin or over any liquid or cream base foundation. To finish, I would use a grey matte (for cool-toned eyes) or chocolate brown (for warm tones) cream eyeshadow. They’re quicker to apply, and you can use them with an eyeliner brush for definition around the lash line, or as an all-over eyeshadow. You need to use a synthetic-based brush (like the No. 8.5 Crème Shadow Shader) for cream eyeshadows as synthetic bristles don’t absorb the product.

bh: Is it a no-no to use a slightly darker foundation and a lighter finishing powder to balance the colour, or a lighter foundation then a bronzer to add colour? I am terrible when it comes to finding the right shade of foundation for my skin…

RM: Nothing is a ‘no-no’ if it works, but my golden rule is to make sure your base matches your body colour. So, test foundation on your chest area, not your jawline (as your neck is always paler because it’s blocked by the sun). Another great tip is to place your chin to your shoulder, grab your iPhone and take a few snaps both with and without flash – your face and body should always match. There’s an awesome new website called “Match My Makeup” – if you have found your perfect shade, just type it in and it will match the colour to other brands. This is a great tool when your favorite colour is discontinued or hard to buy.

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