The exact lip colours Rachel, Monica and Phoebe wore on Friends

The exact lip colours Rachel, Monica and Phoebe wore on Friends

Few words go better together than ‘Friends’ and ‘reunion’ – except for maybe ‘smelly’ and ‘cat’. If you know, you know. If you don’t, you’re probably in the wrong place, because we’re about to dive into some seriously exciting Friends-specific makeup secrets.

Because while, yes, ‘The Rachel’ is iconic for very good reason (flipped-in ends forever), Jennifer Aniston’s hair wasn’t the only phenomenal part of her beauty aesthetic, and she wasn’t the only cast member serving looks, either.

So, to celebrate the fact that Friends: The Reunion has officially hit screens (on Binge; what are you waiting for?!), we’re treating you to something as exciting as a soap-opera-roof-party: the exact identities of the lip colours the three leading ladies wore throughout the show.

Cosmopolitan U.K. beauty journalist Laura Capon just went rightfully viral on Friends-TikTok, fresh from an interview with Friends’ lead makeup artist Robin Siegel that revealed this very info, and could we BE any more excited?!

You know they’re legitimately long-wear formulas, too, considering Rachel, Monica and Phoebe all spent the majority of their time sipping coffee from comically large cups at Central Perk and their lips never looked anything less than flawless…

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The lip colour Rachel wore on Friends

Move over Kylie Jenner; you’re hardly the first celeb fan of M.A.C’s Spice Lip Pencil. In fact, it was the exact liner Siegel used on Jennifer Aniston’s lips during her time as Rachel Green. It’s the perfect nude-brown mix, and proved the ideal base for her lippy shade: M.A.C’s lipstick in Touch, a subtly sheen-y warm toffee. Because it wouldn’t be a Rachel Green lip look if the liner wasn’t a little darker than the lipstick, now would it? She’s not a ’90s nude lip icon for no reason. To paraphrase Rachel herself, it definitely looks like a colour combo that a girlfriend of a paleontologist would wear.

The lip colour Monica wore on Friends

We know what you’re thinking: justice for Monica’s makeup-icon reputation. Her cranberry lip was just as impactful on us as Rachel’s nude one, and while the lippy combo Aniston wore has definitely made its way around the web before, we’ve been pulling at straws for years re: Courteney Cox’s Monica Geller-approved colour. Siegel has come to our rescue, though, naming the shade as M.A.C’s Spice It Up (sensing a brand theme here?), described by the brand as a mulled brown-berry mix. And because she’s Monica, we’d like to believe that she has a completely stocked, meticulously organised lippy-filled cupboard to make sure she’s never out of her signature shade.

The lip colour Phoebe wore on Friends

Phoebe’s makeup vibe may have been the most low-key (she was writing smash hit songs okay, she didn’t have time for excessive application), but it was fabulous nonetheless. Sadly, the exact colour used on Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay has since been discontinued (the show wrapped up 17 years ago, after all), but if Friends taught us anything, it’s that we can always PIVOT. And so Siegel offered up the next best thing: a dynamite dupe. She recommended the cult-classic Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lippy (a lush pinky-nude; $49,, which we’ll bet there’s a good chance you already own. If not, go on and grab one; it might just be what Phoebe would call your lipstick ‘lobster’…

Image credits: Warner Bros

Which of the Friends cast’s iconic makeup looks was your fave?

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  1. Discontinued lipstick……story of my life!

    Whenever I find one I love, they discontinue it! I’ve developed a bit of a reputation within my family for recommending makeup and skincare……

  2. Really love Rachel’s lipstick Colour like nude shades of lipstick. Phoebe’s lipstick is also a lovely Colour as well. Isn’t it always when you like a lipstick that it ends up discontinued.

  3. Pillow Talk is a GREAT lip colour. As much as I enjoyed Friends, I gotta say it… I could not care less about a reboot. There have been so many on the past decade and I just think we could do better. I’d rather think, “Wow, I really loved that while it lasted.”, than, “That did not live up to expectation or do a great thing justice.”

  4. Courteney Cox (aka Monica) & I have the same kind of overall colouring (dark hair, light eyes & skin), so I’ll take her red over the other 2 shades! (Although I can do a pinky nude lippy.)

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Friends. I can still laugh at 90% of the episodes. Hubby says he’s tired of it but I still catch him laughing.

    I like all the colours but I’m kind of a matchy person. eg I probably wouldnt have chosen to wear that brown/berry colour with the top that Courtney Cox is wearing

  6. I remember buying the lipliner in spice when I heard this was a fav of Jens. She has been my hair icon for over 2 decades. I was a diehard Friends fan and recently watched the reunion. Loved it! Brought back so many memories!

  7. I have always loved wearing cool-toned cranberry lipsticks with my fair skin. Although I could probably get away with the mulled wine shade in this article, it might have a bit too much warmth in it for me.

  8. These colours suited those who wore them but not everyone can wear the exact same colour. We really have to test a colour as the oils in our skins react and alter colours slightly.

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