Quick tips to lift your eyelids


So you’ve noticed a little ‘drooping’ around the eye area? You knew it would probably happen one day, but you didn’t think that day would come quite so soon, right?

Well never fear, we’ve got five totally top tricks to ensure that the attention is taken away from any south-sinking skin and focused on your best bits (of your eyes, we mean.) Better yet, we’ve even got a few products that can help to battle the drooping!

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LID-LIFTING TIP #1: Curl your lashes
Never underestimate the power of a curled lash. When curled, the ‘lifting’ action instantly counteracts the ‘drooping’ of your eyelids, acting as an instant disguise. Team a curling mascara like Lancôme Virtuose Curling Mascara with an eyelash curler that will have your flutter reaching soaring heights! We love Manicare Eyelash Curler due to its superior cushioning for lashes. Alternatively, if your lashes are a little on the sparse side, why not try some false eyelashes? They will work to naturally lift your top lashline and make your eyes look as though they’re lifted upwards, instead of drooping downwards.

LID-LIFTING TIP #2: Define your brows
Nothing says ‘oh so youthful’ like a set of full, manicured brows. As thin brows tend to signify a more mature person (whose hair growth is not what it used to be) it makes sense to ensure your face framers always look full and luscious! To get the look for yourself, ensure to keep a brow product close by, so that you can sport a luscious set of brows by pencilling in the sparse areas of your brows, and then using the gel and spoolie to ‘set’ the hairs in place.

LID-LIFTING TIP #3: Open up your eyes
Using a pearlescent eyeshadow in certain areas around your eyes is a great way to ‘open up’ your eyes and make them appear wide-awake and ‘lifted.’ We love Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in Ash applied to your brow bone (the area just below your brows) and the inner corners of your eyes. Applying the shadow to these two areas helps to deflect from the areas that droop down and in turn make the eye area appear larger and more open.

LID-LIFTING TIP #4: Line ‘em right
Applying eyeliner to both your top and bottom lash line can make your eyes appear smaller than they actually are. Open them up by sticking to a brown shade on your bottom water line if you wish to sport a darker hue, or a white/pearl shade if you want to open up your eyes even more. Black eyeliner will only assist in closing the space and accentuating the drooping, so stay away!

When applying liquid eyeliner to your top lash line, ensure your wing isn’t too accentuated. Traditional winged eyeliner looks follow the shape of your eye; starting at the inner corner of your eye, following around your top lash line, dipping down into the outer corner of your eye before flicking out. This look can seriously highlight any eyelid drooping you’ve got going on. To lift it, simply apply your traditional winged eyeliner look (as described above), but instead of dipping the line downwards, take your flick outwards in a straight line (so that it doesn’t actually follow the curve of your eye) and then flick it upwards at the outer corner. It sounds like it will look weird, but trust us, the ‘raised’ flick will help to disguise eyelid drooping and ‘lift’ your entire eye!

If make-up tricks just aren’t enough to disguise your droopy lids, then these two hard-working droopy eyelid correctors may be just what the doctor ordered. Avon Anew Clinical Eye Lift contains a dual-action formula that targets the upper and lower eye area, helps to minimise the appearance of sagging, and promotes elasticity in your skin. Clinique Anti-Gravity Firming Eye Lift Cream works to lift and deeply hydrate the eye area and with continued use, can help to deliver noticeable improvement in skin firmness, elasticity and cushion.

What are your best tips to deal with droopy eyelids?

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