Hooded Eyelids? Try This ‘Puppy Eyeliner’ Technique Instead Of A Cat Eye

puppy eyeliner

If you’ve ever tried to nail winged eyeliner, chances are you’ve watched a cat eye tutorial or two. But what about puppy eyeliner?

If you have hooded, deep-set, or downturned eyes, this liquid eyeliner technique could be exactly what your makeup skillset has been missing.

The K-Beauty method caters better towards these eye shapes, as the wing of the liner won’t disappear into the crease. Here’s what you need to know…

What is puppy eyeliner?

The key feature of puppy eyeliner is the direction in which the outer wing is drawn; down not up. While a cat eye follows an upwards direction from the lower lash line, puppy eyeliner goes from the upper eyelid towards it.

It works well for hooded and similar eye shapes because the line remains visible once the eyes are open, whereas a cat eyeliner can often become lost or smudged.

Puppy eyeliner (left) vs cat eyeliner (right) via @killsoker

How to nail the look

Keep your eyes are relaxed

Look forward and refrain from raising your eyebrows or pulling down your eyelid. You want to be able to see where your crease naturally lies.

Draw your line underneath your crease

Start with a small line, drawn in a slightly downwards direction (but not dramatically so). This will form the top of your liner and any further lining should not go above it.

Join it up

With your first line as the guide, you can now join it up from the lower lash line, and make the wing as small or big as you wish.

Watch a tutorial here

TikToker @killsoker shared a helpful how-to for puppy eyeliner, which has over 800k views and counting.

@killsokerr Reply to @g3org1a.s i love big droopy puppy dog eyes! lemme know if u have Qs! #puppydogeyes #puppydogeyeliner #puppyeyeliner #hoodedeyes ♬ Frog – Wurli

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Main image credit: @hayleybuix

Have you heard of puppy eyeliner? Is this a technique you would try?

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  1. I have been doing this technique for 15 years. I thought it has been around for that long?!?! We never put a name on it. But my makeup trainer used to always say “don’t do a winged liner, do a horizontal extension”.

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