Beauty for bag ladies

Beauty for bag ladies

So I understand why, at first glance, the similarities between the lives of SJP and I are not wildly obvious. Her – global uberstar and fashion icon. Me – not so much. But just hear me out. Sarah Jessica and I indeed intertwine at a crucial nexus. We both have a problem with bags – under our eyes and in our closets, both of Balenciaga carry all proportions.

But today I discovered a suitably New York solution to the puffy eye issue – and it works in ten minutes flat… 

Check out this pic of SJP on the red carpet. It was pretty much me this morning (minus the tended up-do and squillion or so of neck decoration) after a particularly abysmal night’s non-sleep. Sag and the city.

Then, in the not-yet-tested section of my beauty bag I found salvation: Joey New York’s Instant Chemistry Quick Under Eye Fix ($59). This little number blitzed my bags and made my circle-concealer all but redundant in less time than it took to polish of a bowl of fruit and two tall glasses of water (which is also crucial for defusing puffs). I could hardly believe my eyes. Or that I’d never tried it before. Or that SJP’s make-up artist clearly isn’t onto it…

So with that under control, I turned my attention to bag issue number two: storage. Sure, SJP’s problems with where to keep her collection of couture totes, clutches, and barrel bags is slightly different to my issue with how much I can cram into one, but it’s a spatial problem nonetheless. And I’ve just solved it too.

Meet the answer to Mary Poppins bag syndrome: the Bag ‘O’ Bag Organiser (from $24.95). This cleverly compartmentalised insert slips inside your bag to keep glosses, brushes, compacts and other daily essentials under control and at your fingertips. Imagine locating your stash of emergency bobby pins without a 10-minute, polish-pulverising rummage! Check it out at

So what’s in it for SJP-style handbaggers? Well, when you’re switching between Marc Jacobs on Monday and Fendi for Friday, it lifts out so you’ll never leave your new Prada LG mobile behind again. That must be simply horrific…

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