Princess Diana’s makeup artist convinced her to ditch this eyeliner style

Princess Diana’s makeup artist convinced her to ditch this eyeliner style

Aside from being arguably the biggest style icon of her generation (hello bike shorts), it was Princess Diana’s brave and non-conforming spirit that also made her mark in history.

And while it often seemed not even the Queen could convince Diana to do something she didn’t want to do, it turns out her makeup artist Mary Greenwell had a bit more luck.

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Speaking to The Stylist, Greenwell described Diana as being “pure magic” and having “the most incredible skin”, which unfortunately for us, she credited to good genetics. The pair first met during a photoshoot and it was here that Greenwell convinced the Princess to ditch her beloved blue eyeliner.

A major advocate for exploring new things when it comes to beauty, Greenwell often says “women should be experimental and try not to get stuck in a makeup rut”, however, when it came to Diana, she explained to the Princess, “blue eyes should never wear blue pencil or shadow as it dulls your eyes”.

And although we personally were (and still are) big fans of those infamous blue liner moments, it’s this advice that Greenwell cites as the turning point in Diana’s beauty style. From then on, the Princess became more open-minded to trying out new looks and colours.

After ditching the blue, Greenwell kept the basic structure of Diana’s beauty routine consistent, “we always started with a moisturiser, a foundation to suit her skin tone exactly and then used a concealer to lift the eye area”. The look would then be completed with “mascara – which is a gift of all gifts and a light blush and lip colour to suit her mood that day”. 

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  1. Diana was a beautiful woman, regardless of what colour eyeliner she wore. I still reckon she was murdered, but I guess that’s another story. May she Rest In Peace.

  2. Eyeliner in general can make your eyes appear to look smaller. I honestly like the look. I liked when she started to mix it up with her hairstyle. I’m a fan of coloured liner and occasionally wear a swampy green colour to match my hazel eyes. Love black eyeliner. Haven’t been wearing much makeup at all during lockdown.

  3. Princess Diana was a beautiful person inside and out I was lucky enough to meet her in person, she always looks lovely and very natural.
    Princess Diana is still missed and always will be iconic in her looks and fashion.

  4. I noticed that bright blue or green coloured liner or eyeshadow makes my blue-green eyes look dull. If I want to wear blue liner, I’ll wear navy blue. I like green eyeshadow in dark shades, too.

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