Beauty and the blackout

Beauty and the blackout

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I guess it wouldn’t be Fashion Week without a drama or two. This year it came in the form of a blackout that drenched us in darkness just as the Zimmermann show was about to start.

It was all rather sad really, I’d had a lovely start to the day kicking off with my most-favourite, actually wearable eye so far: all lilac and lovely, purple and pretty.

Then I hopped along backstage to Manning Cartell where it was all about the skin. Honestly, MAC’s Amber D’s exact words were “if you get the skin right, everything else is easy.” Amber recommends starting with MAC Pro Fix Plus Spray followed by MAC Face and Body Foundation, which really moisturises and hydrates the skin. Another handy hint I picked up was, when applying mascara – brown is the new black FYI so try MAC Plush Lash in Brownette – do so with a fan brush like MAC 205 Mascara Fan Brush. It’s really good at coating the lashes when you want colour over volume so there won’t be a single clump in sight.

Then disaster struck and the power went out. I used it as an excuse to hotfoot it back to the office to catch up on all things bh and have a little sit down – searching for the next best thing in beauty is a little tiring.

Knowing it would take something really jazzy to wake me up, I entered the Ant!podium backstage tent in trepidation, only to be greeted by the jazziest of jazzes: glitter! Yep, red glitter (in the shape of MAC’s Pigment in Copper Sparkle) and full-on magenta lips were on hand to brighten my day. The gothic magic-inspired look was certainly lots of fun and made rather a nice change to some of the safer styles we’d seen throughout the day. Big hurrah from me.

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Ps. The whole fash pack has clearly got together to drum into our heads that nude is the only colour you should be seen to sport on talons. Zimmermann chose wisely with O.P.I’s Dulce Delish, a deliciously opaque nude that stands back and lets the clothes do the talking.

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