Brand watch: POP Beauty

Brand watch: POP Beauty

You remember the feeling of being a kid in a candy store, right? Your heartbeat speeds with delicious intoxication, reason is overthrown by heady glee and all senses switch to high definition –  The colours! The textures! The smells! Well, that’s precisely how beautyheaven felt upon discovering the latest covetable from Kit Cosmetics, POP Beauty from London.

I met POP’s international make-up artist, Carina Fornegard, for a touchable tour of the range and was almost dribbling in delight within seconds. POP is all about that vibrant touch of colour that takes you from nice to knockout instantaneously. The Lip Smoothies and Ribbon Glosses power your pout with jolts of Dorothy’s shoe red, punchy pink and toffee, Eyeliners come in shades like electric orange and flamingo pink and the Eye Cakes are mini mosaics of the rainbow. I wanted to bust out my paintbrushes there and then! 

You just can’t be afraid to break the beauty rules, said Carina: “Beauty should be fun! I don’t believe that anyone can’t wear certain shades because of skin tone. Anyone can wear the colours they love –  it’s all in the application.” Which brings us to another reason to love POP it’s no-brainer beauty! All the formulas were developed with professionals in mind (the powders are so finely milled they look like a second skin), but most include
instructions for first-timers. The Eye Class palettes feature illustrated steps to the perfect smoky, blue, green or brown-toned look, even the Conceal and Correct powder gives you tips on camouflage. And don’t even get me started on the pretty-as-heck Glow Belle blush palette and infallible Sparkle Sauce shadow sealer (which doubles as a fab highlighter too).

Not seen POP in your closest Kit yet? Go. Go now! It’s just the wake up call your look needs for the new season fashions that David Jones unveiled last night. Spring’s getting sprung early!

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