Crossing the line…

Crossing the line…

I was on the bus the other day when on stepped a girl who had the most horrific foundation lines. We’re talking a distinct, neon signage of pale skin versus orange skin. Someone needed a little assistance in the blending department.

Now I’m not here to judge, we all have our faux pas – just ask my friends and they will tell you that I should step away from the bronzer. My mantra is, “If in doubt, bronze.” (Theirs is, “If you have to question if you’re wearing too much, you are.” Spoilsports.)

But what I want to know is, whether you think it’s acceptable to tell people? Not perhaps your fellow public transport catchers – bit rude, you don’t actually know them – but your friends?

Would you point out a make-up mishap or let them go about their business? It’s a toughie.

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