Better than a trip to the chocolate factory

Better than a trip to the chocolate factory

Sydneysiders rejoice! There’s a new kid on the block that you’re going to absolutely love, love, love. Why? Because it houses some of the legendary beauty brands of our time – brands like DuWop and Smashbox – that aren’t readily available in Australia. Until now.

PM Studio, located in Waterloo, Sydney, is the official new home of some of the best beauty brands to grace our Aussie shores. Brands like Gosh Cosmetics, Cake, Eco Cosmetics and Whish have all been hand picked by the owners of PM Studio for a reason: because they’re utterly divine! Plus, the gorgeous staff at PM are happy to walk you around the store and tell you each brand’s story, explaining why they’re that little bit different and why they deserve to be there, readily available for the beauty queen in all of us.

You can also take comfort in the knowledge that the staff confess to being perfectly happy telling customers when they don’t believe a product is right for them, even if it means the customer walks out empty-handed. Well, a girl wouldn’t want to walk around wearing the wrong lippy shade, now would she?

What beauty brands do you wish were more readily available?

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