Discovery bag: 6 fantastic new beauty finds

Discovery bag: 6 fantastic new beauty finds

Being a part of the beautyheaven community has many perks. You can chat to other beauty obsessed members in the forums, participate in Trial Teams and of course, swap your points for beauty products come beautorium time.

And if you don’t already know about our rewards program, our Platinum members also have the opportunity to participate in a Platinum member-only discovery bag.

Here’s a peek at the six new beauty products they tried and tested:

Opalescence Go Melon 10%

We say:

Containing pre-filled trays, this teeth whitening kit makes it super easy to whiten your smile at home.

You say:

“The trays come pre-filled so there is no mess at all! In the formula there is potassium nitrate and fluoride which help the teeth be healthier and stronger. [My teeth are] a bit sensitive but this 6% Melon Variant is wonderful for me and I can administer it to myself at home (the 10% variant needs to be administered by a dentist). I actually feel that my teeth are a bit less sensitive than when I even started this product.” -HuskyChub

“I have definitely noticed a huge difference in my teeth. So far I’ve used six of the applications and my teeth look super white now. All my stains have gone and there is no more slightly-off white [colour]. My teeth look white, glorious and back to their old selves. If you can afford them and are patient, the results are worth it.” – ray_jay

Colour Addict Coloured Spray Chalk Cyan

We say:

If you’ve always wanted to try a colourful hair hue, this spray comes in a variety of colours and without the commitment of a permanent colour!

You say:

“It lasted quite well and didn’t make too much mess. It washed off easily with shampoo, [with] no traces left behind. I did find the areas where I washed off the chalk a bit dry, so probably not the best product for daily use. Overall, this is a really cool, vibrant hair chalk. It would be great for sports carnivals or any time you want funky-coloured hair.” – Muser

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“While it was a bit of fun and my family thought I looked ridiculous, I can see that this hair chalk could be a fabulous product for those looking for a temporary colour change for an event or [something] similar. If you were contemplating dyeing your hair blue it would be a great way to see if you like the colour and whether you could live with it on a more permanent basis. It is the perfect product for school sports days, for fancy dress or for those much younger and more brave than me. I enjoyed playing with the product however I was extremely pleased to wash it out the next day and to see my hair was none the worse for using it.” -katek1

Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo

We say:

An essential in every blonde’s hair wardrobe, this toning shampoo will help to keep brassiness at bay.

You say:

“I regularly use purple shampoo as I have natural dark blonde hair with bleach highlights and it does tend to go brassy very quickly. The plastic bottle contains 200mL and has a flip top lid which I prefer to a pump as you can stand the bottle upside down to get the very last drops out! It is also great value for money at under $15 and is readily available.” -philippa495

“My hair gets yellow and brassy-looking all the time if I skip using some kind of toner. I have been using this product for up to five minutes in the shower, twice a week and the results have been excellent! My blonde looks bright and shiny and more white blonde than yellow/orangey (which drives me insane), so it really does do a great job. I can definitely see a significant difference, that’s for sure!” -Candyfairy

DU’IT Tough Hands

We say:

If your job involves a lot of handiwork, this hand cream is formulated to soften even the toughest of ‘tradie’ hands.

You say:

“As the product was being absorbed into the skin, I noticed my hands becoming smoother and velvety soft. Even the thickened skin around my fingernails was softening. Not only did I notice immediate results, my hands stay hydrated much longer than other hand creams that I have used. The DU’IT hand cream ain’t fancy, but boy has it done wonders for my dry hands. I am impressed!” -IndieAna

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“The hand cream is white in colour and lightweight with a slight citrus scent. It absorbs easily into my hands and forms a protective layer keeping them soft, smooth and hydrated. I find it doesn’t leave any greasy residue and the cream is quite nourishing and protective. You don’t need to use a lot of this product, a little goes a long way. I’ve also noticed the lines on my hands have become less noticeable and my hands also look brighter, the appearance of freckles on my hands seems to be lighter.” -Hayley644

PONi White Knight Mascara

We say:

With a wand that can be used two ways, this mascara is perfect for precisely controlling the amount of volume and length you like on your lashes.

You say:

“This mascara is amazing! I haven’t worn mascara in years as I haven’t been able to find one I can use with my sensitive eyes until now. The mascara contains one dual function brush for length and volume. They can be used separately or together. My lashes are quite short and thin. This mascara gives my lashes great length, volume and colour without my lashes clumping or making my eye area super sensitive which usually occurs when I use a mascara.” -Hayley644

“As the White Knight mascara is tubing mascara it’s smudge-proof, water-resistant, [and] doesn’t run or transfer. It was easy to apply and didn’t clump or smudge. I found that this mascara does deliver, it gives my lashes both more length and volume. I find the volume option gives more dramatic thicker lashes, while lengthening creates more defined [and] natural-looking lashes.” -Jessica712

Bondi Sands Everyday Gradual Tanning Foam

We say:

This newbie comes in the form of a foam, so you can spread your gradual colour easily and evenly.

You say:

“After just one day of using this I could see a very natural glow on my skin. The colour was even, no patches or streaks. I like how I can apply [it] daily until I achieve the desired colour I want, and I love how natural it looks. No fake oompa loompa look with this product. I also noticed that when I didn’t apply [it] for a couple of days it faded slowly and evenly.” – Jessica712

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“The pump spray makes the foam easy to dispense. The foam is clear and easy to apply to clean dry skin. I always make sure I’ve exfoliated my skin well a few days before applying fake tanning products. The foam absorbs well into the skin, has a nice cocoa butter scent and also contains aloe vera so it’s moisturising.” -Hayley644

Have you tried any of the above products? If not, which would you most like to try?

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