We’ve found the perfect Hepburn style false eyelashes

We’ve found the perfect Hepburn style false eyelashes

I popped into Gorgeous Cosmetics this morning to try their false lashes; a purely selfless act of course, you see the cult brand is giving you gals *free application when you purchase lashes from its Madam Lash range (I went for Hepburn: thick, medium and seriously sweeping) and well, it’s an essential part of my job to road-test them for you. I couldn’t very well send you out there without a prior lash lowdown.

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Oh okay I could but I wouldn’t look as Dusty Springfield as I type, and I wouldn’t have these top tips courtesy of my lovely lash lady:

Lashes last – this is your motto ladies. Apply your make-up first, even a coat of mascara to your real lashes before you even think about applying your fakes.

Be gente – slowly tweeze the lashes from the box, millimetre by millimetre. The box is specially curved to keep lashes in shape so don’t ruin it by being heavy handed.

Hold onto the box – lashes last all day but pop them into the box before bed and you can re-wear them up to eight times. (Yes you simply must remove them before bedtime: go to bed Sleeping Beauty and you’ll wake up an ugly sister. You have been warned.)

Measure up – before you get the glue involved hold the faux lashes against your own and, if they’re too long, trim from the inner corners (of the fake ones only).

Middle in – once you’ve glued up, use your tweezers to place lashes as close to your lash line as possible. Start in the middle and then attach the inner and outer part of the falsies.

Top tools

Tweezers – you’ll need these every step of the way, from removing lashes to application. Try:Manicare Point Tweezers

Cotton tips – use these to apply to small layer of glue to the lashes (pop the glue on to a flat surface and then use a cotton bud, that’s what the pros do). Wait for ten seconds until the glue becomes slightly tacky and then apply. Try:Swisspers Cotton Tips

Liner – a coat of gel or liquid eyeliner will blend the darkened lash line to look smoother and provide more flick for your flutter. Try:Rimmel London Exaggerate Liquid Eye Liner in 100% Black

Eyelash comb – use this to blend your lashes with the falsies after application. Try:Elite Eyelash / Eyebrow Brush

*offer valid from 12-2pm until January 29. For locations call 1300 730 277

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