Margot Robbie’s Makeup Artist Says “Zoning” Is The Technique Behind Radiant Skin

Margot Robbie’s Makeup Artist Says “Zoning” Is The Technique Behind Radiant Skin

What do Margot Robbie, Cindy Crawford, Priyanka Chopra and Jodie Comer have in common? Despite being some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, these ladies also share one game-changing, secret weapon: makeup artist, Pati Dubroff. A woman who is best known for her fresh-faced, soft-toned glam, almost solely made up using Chanel products. 

Though wrangling an appointment with Pati herself might be near impossible, fortunately for us she’s often spilling her secrets to the public. During a recent interview with Net-A-Porter, Pati shared her makeup application technique, otherwise known as “zoning”, as the secret behind keeping her looks natural yet completely flawless. 

How does zoning work?

According to Pati, dividing your face into different sections is a simple way to maintain a “thoughtful amount of coverage but let your skin still feel alive.” 

How do you achieve this? 

Through a bit of deliberate and strategic skin prep.  “You want hydration and moisture around the perimeter of your face and a mattifying primer through the centre near the chin, nose and at the top of the forehead, so you don’t have to rely on powder so much – it’s ageing, heavy and takes away the ‘naturalness’ of skin,” explained Pati.

Foundation application

Thought you had to make the decision between a cream or powder formula when it came to your foundation of choice? Pati encourages you to throw out the rule book and mix up the textures. 

The result? “Flawless but real skin polish,” she assures. “Apply a creamy formula through the centre [of the face], where you want that extra coverage and something more liquid around the outer edges of the face so that it feels alive and glowy.”

For those who have a bit more shine than they’d like, Pati advises to take a small, precise brush (we recommend the NYX Professional Makeup Pro Blending Brush, $19.95 at NYX Cosmetics) and deliberately blot powder in the areas you’d like to mattify or blur. She stresses the importance of keeping a light hand at all times, as “it’s difficult to bring skin back to life after you’ve applied too much powder.” Noted.

Main image credit: @patidubroff

What do you think about this technique? Will you try it for yourself?

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  1. I think I do do this a bit – I sometimes put a matte effect foundation on and then add some shimmery blush and though it sounds weird it just kind of sometimes works…. I don’t think about it too much but just use what’s sort of in my mind or at arms length!

  2. Makeup Artist Pati Dubroff, certainly does a wonderful job on the Celebrities that she has. Have never heard of zoning it really seems to make a difference would need to try this technic.

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