The dos and don’ts of organising your beauty cupboard


What a privilege it is to have so many beauty products that you need an actual strategy for how to store them all. So for those of us who are struggling with this ‘god-awful issue’, we’ve attempted to lighten the load by compiling a list of the biggest dos and don’ts when it comes to organising your beauty cupboard. 

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DON’T hold on to anything expired

Treat your beauty products as you would food in your fridge or pantry. To check whether your products are expired follow our guide here

DO be a little ruthless

That’s right, it’s time to take no prisoners. Rocked nothing but a neutral, bronzed eye for the last decade? Then you probably don’t need those four violet glitter eyeshadow palettes you thought you were going to use all the time. Check out all the ways you can donate your unwanted beauty products here

DON’T make things too difficult to put away 

Yes, perfectly lining your lipsticks up like army soldiers may excite your inner OCD demon and fulfil your bedroom beauty counter dreams but if placing the item back on the shelf takes as much concentration as disarming a bomb to avoid them falling like dominos, it’s not exactly ‘everyday’ realistic. Just don’t do this, please.

Do coordinate 

Keep your face products together, your eye products together and your lip products together. This will keep your mess to a minimum as you won’t need to unpack everything each time you search for a certain lipstick. 

DO store it so you can see it 

If you can’t see something, you don’t know it’s there.nd well, if you don’t know it’s there, you won’t use it.

DO some research

Before you buy a product, look it up and see what your peers say. Our bh members review products so that we can make the best purchase decisions and don’t end up with things we don’t like or won’t use. 

DO repurpose old beauty packaging 

You see an empty candle jar, we see a gorgeous vessel to hold your makeup brushes. Check out some more repurposing ideas here

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Is your beauty cupboard organised? Do you have any tips of your own?

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  1. Try not to leave Beauty Products to long like to buy New Ones or use the ones already stored in a draw.
    Beauty Products don’t last forever so they do need replacing often, great advice BH as always!

  2. Ha! A makeup cupboard. I wish! I have makeup boxes and drawers and dresser tops. Does my easy to find method of leaving often used stuff on the floor next to my bed count as being organised. Not!!! Lucky I live solo.

  3. I repurpose, clean up, use up and declutter regularly. Keeping beauty space well organized (by use up date too). Repurposed for ex.: excellent sprayer for toners/mists that are coming is bad packaging.
    Need: storage and display ideas for my new fragrance collection . Used to have zero, now “a few” fragrances.

  4. My beauty products are stored on a shelf rather then in a cupboard. Things like makeup are in drawers and each product has its own drawer. Eye shadows, eye liners and mascara are all in one draw, lip products in another, foundations, bb and cc creams all in another along with blushes, bronzers and setting powders.

  5. I keep the latest products and makeup that I’m using in a container at the end of my vanity. The other products that I have are all sorted into skincare, haircare etc on shelves in my study. I go through it every now and then just to remind myself what’s there.

  6. I’m very happy with how my make-up draw is organised – everything is easy to find and put back. I am guilty of not checking use-by dates, so some things have probably expired. There’s a job for tomorrow 🙂

  7. I have to go through my stash again. I’ve been using up opened jars and bottles before starting on anything new just to reduce the clutter and that is working. A couple of natural products I had to toss because they didn’t smell right. I also got rid of eye shadow pallets I wasn’t using because I’m now sticking to a few favourite cream eye shadows.

    I have a fair amount of space to both store and display my products but I have to organise them again and maybe bring to the surface items that are hiding away.

  8. I get clear desk document drawers from officeworks and use them to store my makeup. Palettes I use their mail holders. Brushes go in pencil cups. It’s cheaper than buying makeup specific acrylic organiser’s and I can easily see what is in each drawer.

  9. I have got so many products that things do get a bit disorganised at times! I have baskets and boxes and bags…….I find it hard to cull things, telling myself that yes, I will use that product eventually……… I’m not ruthless enough, obviously. :S

  10. Wow, I’m just the same! Products in lots of bags and boxes as well as loose products stored in a bedroom… and both bathrooms. I’ve sorted some of the same types into boxes and written the category on them so I know what’s inside. I need to sort more this way.

  11. I adopt a minimalistic approach when it comes to makeup so I have never found myself needing to be more organised. I do love lipsticks and they are all housed in one of those clear perspex holders which I find very practical.

  12. I organise my products on a use as required basis. Current make ups ready, bathroom has current products in use on shelf and other products in back of cupboard when I run out .

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