Ombre brows are now an eyebrow trend

Ombre brows are now an eyebrow trend

In recent years, brows have become much more than a trend. Having well-groomed, perfect eyebrows is now as essential as mascara! Not to mention all the eyebrow products you need (I know I use 9476 every morning to create ‘naturally’ perfect arches). But now a new eyebrow trend is taking your furry face-framers to the next level: ombre brows!

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That’s right – just when you thought ombre hair was so over, it’s come and settled itself firmly onto your brows. It all started with a DIY tutorial from Refinery29, which demonstrated how to get colourful ombre arches. Here’s a recap:

A white cream eyeshadow was used to prime the brows and brush any unruly hairs into place.

Once the eyebrow was completely coated in the white cream shadow, a deep purple powder eyeshadow was brushed onto the outer corner and tail of the brow.

To create the graduation of colour, a lighter pinky-purple shadow was applied to the mid-section of the brow, right above the eye. This shade was then blended into the darker shade on the tail-end of the brow.

Finally, a pastel purple was blended into the front of the brow, creating a soft ombre effect across the whole brow.

We’re predicting this new brow trend will be a huge hit with summer music festivals!

What do you think about ombre brows? Would you give them a try?

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