The make-up look that works at any age


As you get older, the make-up looks you once relied on may stop having the same effect – like that winged liner flick doesn’t quite have the oomph it once did, and your flawless-finish-foundation is now suddenly creeping into those fine lines that have started to appear. 

So, instead of feeling like you’re at a loss with your make-up, here’s a look that can enhance your features at any age, (and just to prove it works, we’ve picked four women of different ages who are all rocking it: Emily Ratajkowski, Jessica Alba, Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock).

This look works so well no matter what your age because it’s simple and understated. Plus, it can easily be tweaked to suit the occasion, your individual features and even seasonal trends.

And here’s how you can nail it yourself.


The start of every good make-up look is a great foundation, so opt for one that is not only good for you, but will give the coverage you need without feeling heavy or settling into fine lines or wrinkles.

Gently buff Nude by Nature Pressed Mineral Cover into your skin using a powder brush and build the powder to your desired level of coverage. Buffing will help even out any redness or pigmentation and minimise the appearance of any enlarged pores or fine lines. The talc and bismuth-free formula will look and feel lightweight on your skin no matter how much you build it, so you don’t have to worry about reaching a point where it looks caked-on or heavy. 

And because the formula is free from nasties and packed with nourishing ingredients like Kakadu plum, jojoba oil, shea butter, vitamin E and avocado oil, it will help moisturise and protect your skin at the same time. 

Once your base is sorted, you can use a matte bronzer and some illuminator to give your face some dimension. Lightly dust the Nude by Nature Pressed Matte Mineral Bronzer under your cheekbones, around your jawline and by your hairline to create some shadows and bring out the highpoints of your face. Remember to keep it light to give subtle definition, as too much bronzer will enhance your angles a bit too much and can actually make you look a bit older. Then, use the Nude by Nature Sheer Light Pressed Illuminator (available in the Limited Edition Pressed Perfection pack) over your skin to give your complexion a healthy glow. Use it on your entire face for all-over radiance, or alternatively, focus on your cheekbones to highlight your angles.

Next, you’ll want to add some flush to your complexion. Dust Nude by Nature Virgin Blush lightly on the apples of your cheeks and gently take the colour up to your temples. 


Apply the Nude by Nature Eyeliner in Black to add some definition to your eyes, but be sure to pay attention to your eye shape when lining. If you have small eyes, it’s best not to line both the top and bottom lash line (just the top is perfect!), and if you have big or almond-shaped eyes, you can line both. If you have small eyes, it’s a good idea to line from the centre of your eye out to the edge, and make sure the line gets thicker as you go. Finish with lashings of Nude by Nature Magic Mineral Mascara to enhance your lashes and open up your eyes.

When it comes to your eyeshadow, use the combination of shimmering neutral colours in the Nude by Nature Pressed Eyeshadow Palette In Ultimate Nude to create the effect you’re after. You can layer the colours to create an eye look as subtle or as striking as you’d like, but remember to keep the darker colours on the outside (to make your eyes look bigger) and the lighter ones on the inside.

As a finishing touch, use the Nude by Nature Brow Liner (and spoolie) to groom and define your brows (thicker brows can make you look younger!).


Finish with a rose-coloured or pink-brown lip colour. You almost want it to look like your natural lip colour, but just a shade darker. If you prefer a glossy finish, use Nude by Nature Mineral Lip Gloss in Flirty, but if you’re a lipstick girl, then try Nude by Nature Natural Lipstick in Chique or Demure.

Have you ever worn a make-up look like this? Do you think you’d try it?

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