Back to work looks that embrace your new no-makeup lifestyle

Back to work looks that embrace your new no-makeup lifestyle

Once upon a time showing up to work with not a speck of makeup on was nothing but a bad dream. 

Fast forward to July 2020 and as we begin to hear whispers of returning to the office, the concept of having to wake up an hour earlier to ‘put on our face’ is anything but enticing. 

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But just because you’re now leaving the comfort of your living room, it doesn’t mean your morning routine has to go back to the production it once was.

For those who have become accustomed to the new bare-faced life but still want to kick it up a knotch from your living room glam, we’ve put together our top tips to finding the perfect fuss-free medium.

Two-Minute Hair 

Oh the less stressed you’ll become when you aren’t trying to perfect the salon quality curl 10 minutes before your bus comes.

Back to work is calling for embracing the pulled back hair: think sleek buns and high-ponies. 

Or if you like more of an un-done look, try the loose low bun. All you’ll need is a good quality hair brush to keep your strands soft and in check, and a hair elastic. Brava. 

bh recommends: Mason Pearson Handy Pure Bristle, Rock & Ruddle Boar Bristle Acorns & Butterflies Brush 

Image credit: @lilyaldridge

Soft Glowing Skin

The best way to feel confident with little to no makeup on, is to ensure your skin can do the work for you on it’s own. 

Opting for a serum or moisturiser that works to even out skin tone whilst brightening and hydrating the face will mean more of a natural glow and less base products needed.

bh recommends:Novellus Active Facial Serum

This applies for the skin on your body as well as your face; incorporating a dry body brush into your routine once a week before you get into the shower will reduce redness, plump the skin and exfoliate dead skin cells. 

Bare Face Makeup

If you’re not keen on going au naturale, but also don’t want the faff of a full face either, transitioning back into the real world with a BB cream or tinted moisturiser could be your happy medium.

Dabbing a cream blush onto the apples of your cheeks is also an easy way to inject a natural flush into your look. 

bh recommends: Skin Physics Foundation No More BB Cream SPF 30+, IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream
Image credit: @cecilialaulanne


Now that brushing the hair back off your face is the way forward, it’s time to allow your brows to steal the show.

If you can’t commit to a 20 minute brow makeover every morning, you might want to look into a longer-lasting treatment such as brow lamination, which can give you fluffy show-stopping brows for up to 8 weeks. 

The only TLC they require is a quick brush up. 


Just because you may be feeling like you need a break from the deep pink lippy you usually put on before a meeting, doesn’t mean we have to neglect our lips all together. 

Moving the focus to a more natural gloss might be all you need to feel put together. We recommend the Skin Physics Superlips which will instantly plump and smooth the lips while fighting signs of ageing. 

Main image credit: @gisele

Are you back in the office yet? What’s your go-to work day look?

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  1. I enjoy the no make up look, in fact when at home I do enjoy no make up. When I go out these days my make up is minimal as I don’t want to look like mutton dressed up as lamb which is a really sad look. Less is best.

  2. I feel totally naked without my makeup. But I don’t wear heavy makeup. I don’t wear heavy foundation, I’d prefer tinted moisturiser. I often use a cream blush because it’s quicker, easier and more natural looking. Then for my eyes I prefer an eyeshadow pencil, just apply and blend. They are so quick easy to use. I love Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks, and I’ve recently discovered Mecca Max Zoom Shadow Sticks. They are great value for money. My favourite shade is Baby Pink. Then a swipe of mascara, and finish off with whatever lippy takes my fancy. As for my hair, I usually just tie it up. I’ve got quite a collection of nice hair ties. All this takes me no longer than about 15 minutes, and I feel ‘polished’.

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