Nuts about new skincare

Nuts about new skincare

There’s something so exciting (and satisfying) about being privy to brand spanking new skincare. And as luck would have it, it’s a perk of the job. So when an invitation to the unveiling of a new skincare line at Kit Cosmetics landed on my desk, I jumped at the chance.

Not only is Kit one of the cutest beauty stores in town, its never-ending bill of beauty brands never fails to impress. So who’s the new kid on the block…?

Yesterday I skipped through the doors of Kit Cosmetics eager to hear about face boutique – a hot new skincare line brought over from the UK.

Unlike the usual teen skincare, face boutique has a grown-up feel about it. Firstly, there’s the packaging imagery, which is a far cry from that of your everyday skincare. The brains at face boutique came across artist Stina Persson and loved her work so much they commissioned her to design the packaging visuals.

Speaking of packaging, face boutique doesn’t just look pretty – it has a conscious too. The quirky product range emerged from a personal search for products that truly worked but were also good for the skin. And as such, face boutique is free from sulphates, parabens, petrochemicals and Polyethylen glycols (PEGS). Of course, to be truly ethical the packaging needs to be recyclable or biodegradable and face boutique’s is both.

When it comes to fb’s product lineup, there’s everything a girl needs for a simple, yet sophisticated beauty regime; face wash, moisturiser, blemish gel… My personal faves: Moi Moi Lip Remedy and Sweep Clean Cleanser on a Cloth.

Always hungry for info on new skincare products, innovations and ingredients, I left Kit completely satisfied.

Have you stumbled across a skincare range you simply can’t get enough of?

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