TGIF favourites

TGIF favourites

To be honest, it’s been touch and go. By an impossibly long Wednesday, I was less than confident I’d survive this first full, non-public holiday-punctuated week back in the office at all. Every morning the alarm’s felt like shock treatment and I’ve shivered through after-lunch nap withdrawals each afternoon, to say nothing of the post-holiday haze in between.

Though there have been sunny spots. I did get to ply make-up guru Jemma Kidd for trade secrets. I have caught up with all the glossip going down in the forums. And, of course, some gorgeous new beauty buys have beamed onto my desk…

Fave new find: Monday became more bearable when I discovered Eazy Bronzer ($22) from quick-thinking brand Make Up Store. Little bigger than a matchbook, Eazy Bronzer is a compact containing 30 slim sheets embossed with bronzing powder. You just blot the papers onto your skin and blend with your fingers for a shimmery, sun-kissed glow. Just one criticism: where was this when I was cramming my touch-up arsenal into a micro clutch last week?!

Best beauty trick: I picked up this tip from Jemma Kidd, as in supermodel Jodie’s sister and the mastermind behind Jemma Kidd Make Up School, on Tuesday: a flat-top brush is the best way to sweep seamless, natural-looking colour onto your cheeks. The more common rounded brush “concentrates colour on one [the highest] point of the brush and pushes it into your skin so you really need to work it to blend properly,” explained Jemma as I soaked up all the tricks she was willing to spill. I ordered Jemma Kidd’s straight-edged Essential Cheek Brush ($32) from on Wednesday.

And from there it’s been trading tips, tales and tried-its with the glorious beauty addicts who make Bh forums so fabulous.  

So, okay, it’s not so bad to be back. Still, thank all that is glamorous it’s Friday. Finally…

What beauty discoveries have helped you survive your first week back at work?

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