What The Ladies Of ‘Neighbours’ Looked Like Then And Now

What The Ladies Of ‘Neighbours’ Looked Like Then And Now

If you’ve been living under a rock, firstly, what’s it like and can we join? And secondly, you mightn’t be aware that Aussie soap Neighbours airs its final episode (ever) tomorrow night. Whether you’re a super fan or you’ve watched a few episodes here and there, the news came as a nasty shock considering the show (which debuted in 1985) is a familiar comfort we’d never thought we’d see come to an end.

Regardless of your investment in the iconic Aussie show, there are plenty of familiar faces that kicked off their careers on Ramsay Street. What might shock you, however, is how they looked when their fresh-faced younger selves first appeared on our screens.

So, in the spirit of marking the occasion, let’s take a trip down memory lane as we prepare ourselves to bid farewell to the ladies of Neighbours once and for all.

Kylie Minogue

Isn’t it funny how people scoff at actors who want to pursue a career in music? Well, mention Kylie Minogue and all scoffing comes to an immediate halt. She’s one of the mega-stars confirmed to return to Ramsay Street for the season finale and we’re already choked up. Fingers crossed for a musical performance.

Jackie Woodburne

Is there even a show without Susan Kennedy? Jackie Woodburne’s beloved character has been a key member of the Ramsay Street clan for over 27 years. Speaking to Studio 10 about the impending final episode she said, “It’s the end of an era, it’s the loss of an icon and we will never ever see a show like Neighbours again.”

Margot Robbie

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From Ramsay Street to Wall Street, Margot took Hollywood by storm starring alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in in The Wolf Of Wall Street in 2013. And from there? Well, we all know how that story goes. 

Delta Goodrem

Music milestones aside, since leaving her gig on Neighbours, there’s been one achievement of Delta’s that us beauty lovers were particularly excited about. And that was? Being announced as Revlon’s first-ever Aussie ambassador, of course. As far as iconic Neighbours scenes go, Delta’s character Nina Tucker performing her hit single “Born To Try” on the show is definitely up there. We’ve got chills just thinking about it.

Carla Bonner

Isn’t it funny how familiar TV stars can seem like old friends? That’s exactly how we feel about Carla Bonner. The actress played the on-screen older sister to Holly Valance and has already been confirmed to make a return to our screens for the final episode. Just like Susan Woodburne, Carla is a Ramsay Street icon, sitting permanently in the Neighbours hall of fame.

Holly Valance

Before there was Olympia Valance, there was her older sister Holly who played Felicity ‘Flick’ Scully. Leaving the show to pursue a singing career, Holly’s hit track “Kiss Kiss” was a record on repeat in just about every Aussie home in 2002.

Natalie Imbruglia

We haven’t seen Natalie’s character Beth Brennan in roughly 28 years. However, tomorrow night, there’s a good chance we’ll see Beth for one last time. Rumoured to have filmed a scene alongside Holly Valance in London, we’re eager to see how she makes her comeback. Oh, and if anyone knows anything about her skin care routine, do let us know.

Natalie Bassingthwaighte

In 2003, Natalie (AKA ‘Nat Bass’) joined the cast of Neighbours in her first full-time acting role. After furthering her career in music as the lead singer of the Rogue Traders, Nat Bas returned to television screens as an X-Factor judge.

How do you feel about Neighbours coming to a close? Who has been your favourite character over the years?

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  1. I watched the first episode of this show and I’ll watch the last one, even though I’ve missed out on years in between. Those ladies all look just as good or even better now!

  2. My kids used to watch this show and I used to have to sit there with them watching it but never took much notice of the show until Margot Robbie came in and a few others and then I started watching it. It is sad that it has come to an end…think it was better than Home and Away (kids watched that also). I think it was better the last 14 years than when my kids watched it….it was boring then. I just feel sorry for the stars and the crew because what will they do now. Not many aussie dramas out there for them to join.

  3. I hadn’t watched Neighbours in years, but decided to watch the finale for “old times’ sake”. Was good seeing some of the original cast members make a return for the episode

  4. I haven’t watched it for years, but I did watch last night – it was nice to see all the old cast come back, some have aged better than others and honestly I thought Paul Robinson was the one who has aged the best.

  5. Neighbours was a show that I used to watch many years ago but it lost me when Susan was diagnoised with MS and they made a big deal if her declining health and even had her using a walking stick and falling over in the park one day and being stuck there for hours before help came. Then it seems she was some how cured. I know its only a tv show but it seemed a bit of a slap in the face for those that battle with MS daily to have a character hilight their struggle but then just cast it aside which is something people with MS cant do. Since then Susan has live a healthy life without MS…amazing.

    And no my rant is done…. They all look amazing and havent aged much at all. But that being said do be mindful that meeting these people in the flesh you might see that they are not quite as they appear on screen or in photos. A work mate had that recently with our local news reader. She was stunned at how much older he looks in person.

  6. Why must we start with have you been living under a rock?
    There are so many things happening in the world that are bigger issues and quite often I read Beautyheaven to catch up and for a lighter read.

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