A Step-By-Step Guide To Nailing A Natural Makeup Base Under Your Mask


Learning how to create a long-lasting makeup base is a skill that’ll forever come in handy. 

And with mask-wearing a pretty regular occurrence for most of us right now, the struggle of foundation that slips, slides and disappears is real. Not to mention the threat of our new friend ‘maskne’ is always looming, meaning the ingredients in our makeup products are more important than ever to ensure the skin stays happy.

So if your current routine isn’t cutting it, here are a few adjustments and key tips that’ll help you nail a natural and glowing complexion that’s comfortable and long-lasting.

Prep and prime for your skin type

Primers are made to aid the longevity of your base makeup and they’re only going to do a better job if you choose a formula that’s best suited to your skin type.

One of our favourite primers of all time is the Nude by Nature Perfecting Primer Smooth and Nourish. And now, there are three new formulas in the range that tackle different skin concerns to provide a finish that’s catered to your complexion: Perfecting Primer Blur And Mattify, Hydrate And Illuminate, and Correct And Even.

Even better news? They’re all silicone-free so you don’t have to worry about debris becoming trapped in your pores and causing congestion – a real concern if you’re wearing a mask all day.

Pair your primer with a flattering foundation

With your primer putting in the hard work to provide a smooth canvas, choosing the right foundation to follow is also key. Below you’ll find some of the perfect partners in crime for the finish and coverage you desire.

For a matte finish:Nude by Nature Perfecting Primer Blur and Mattify

Ideal for: Oily and combination skin

Pair it with: Nude by Nature Flawless Liquid Foundation

Apply it: With your fingers or brush, focus the application of the primer on areas prone to shine (like the forehead, chin and nose AKA the T-zone) and blend outwards. The soft focus finish will help to absorb excess oil and diffuse the appearance of pores. Allow it to dry down before following with foundation. The Flawless Liquid Foundation is best applied with a dense buffing brush, using quick circular motions.

For a luminous finish: Nude by Nature Perfecting Primer Hydrate and Illuminate

Ideal for: Normal to dry skin

Pair it with:Luminous Sheer Liquid Foundation

Apply it: Apply the primer all over the face, paying attention to massage into any particularly dry patches, such as around the corners of the nose. The all-natural formula contains hyaluronic acid and olive oil to help hydrate, while the light-reflecting pearls provide a luminous glow. The Luminous Sheer Liquid Foundation can be layered straight over the top, for a dewy and healthy-looking finish.

For an even, semi-matte finish: Nude by Nature Perfecting Primer Correct and Even

Ideal for: Skin prone to redness or uneven tone

Pair it with:Natural Mineral Cover Radiant Loose Powder Foundation

Apply it: Sweep and blend the primer from the centre of the face outwards, focusing application where any discolouration occurs. The tinted green colour will help to neutralise redness and counteract the appearance of dark spots, while vitamin E and olive oil soothe stressed skin. Allow it to dry down for a few seconds before following with the Loose Powder Foundation, which is best buffed into skin using gentle circular motions. The formula covers redness and pigmentation while feeling weightless on the skin.

Seal everything with a spritz

Once your base is in place, you can really amp up its longevity by finishing with an all-over mist of setting spray.

Nude by Nature’s Natural Setting Spray is made from 100 per cent natural ingredients and contains zero alcohol, so you can extend the wear of your makeup minus any drying effects. 

In fact, it’s so lightweight and moisturising, we highly recommend carrying it with you for a post-mask refresh. Simply spritz and pat your foundation back into place – though if you follow our other tips above, you should be sorted for hours.

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  1. Since wearing a mask for most of the day including at work I haven’t been wearing any makeup. My skin just can’t breathe and I think wearing make up will just make my skin worse.

  2. I disliked the NbN flawless liquid foundation.

    I’ve been wearing makeup to work, but playing with my eye makeup more. I still wear lippy though, as I still need to get through my stash and I need to keep my lips moisturised as I get cracked lips in Winter.

  3. I’ve never tried any of these products. I wear makeup nearly everyday, but I’ve never worn heavy foundation. I usually wear a light tinted moisturiser, and since we’ve had to wear masks I’ve been very light handed with it. If I’m not going out, I don’t even bother to put it on at all.

  4. Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge always looks beautiful and Nude by Nature such a good Foundation and Primer is the key. Never wear much makeup under masks other than a little bit of Lip Balm.

  5. Thankfully I never wear foundation and I refrain from wearing lipstick while wearing a mask as you will end up with it all over the inside of the mask and nobody can see it anyway. I’m actually surprised at how soft my lips have been after not wearing lipstick for over 1 month, well I did wear it once on a Zoom meeting.

  6. Looking forward to buying the correct and even primer for under make-up. I’m using more lip balm than ever before, not only because of the winter weather but also due to the wearing of masks – lipstick smudged on the mask not a good look. Still wear make-up underneath, though!

  7. Haven’t been wearing makeup at all if I have to wear a mask somewhere. If I’m going out I only do eye makeup, concealer and lip balm. No point wearing thick foundation or lipsticks that are just going to end up on your mask and cause break outs. I love the NBN mineral powder though and can’t live without it

  8. I don’t apply any makeup around where my mask is going to be for two reasons:

    1. It dirties the mask and it is hard to get rid of the stains
    2. It breaks me out, best to go minimal and just care for the skin.
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