Survival of the prettiest

Survival of the prettiest

In the unfortunate event that I find myself in a Lost situation, I figure I’ve got survival sorted. With only two lippies, a set of tweezers, one gloss and a face compact, I’ve devised a rescue plan to land me back with civilisation in no time.

When faced with a crisis, you need to prioritise, so lipstick clearly comes first (no-one can be expected to think clearly with dry, naked lips). Shea butter-infused Bourjois Lovely Brille lipsticks are not only salvation for parched lips, they have built-in mirrors that can simultaneously spark a campfire and dazzle unfriendly natives.

Meanwhile, by Naked Glow is also a Swiss Armyesque saviour. Not only does it keep age-exposing lip lines at bay, you can also use it on budding frown lines and crows feet. Plus the flip-up mirror installed in the lid is indispensable for flashing SOS messages to passing ships, not to mention for checking whether you’ve applied your tinted SPF evenly.

What about night time, you ask? That’s where one of the new self-illuminating tweezers or lip glosses like La-Tweez or Liparazzi comes in handy. Stray hairs, splinters and late night food foraging? No problem.

As for the Benefit Valley of the Stars illuminating compact I won’t be stranded without, well, that has my lip, eye and cheek essentials covered along with a mirror large enough to attract search planes. Seriously, it could be all that stands between being discovered looking like Ginger on Gilligan’s Island or Tom Hanks in Castaway. Don’t risk travelling without it. It’s a jungle out there…

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