We Have A 30 Year Age Gap – But My Mum And I Both Use These 6 Beauty Products

We Have A 30 Year Age Gap – But My Mum And I Both Use These 6 Beauty Products

As the one who works in the beauty industry, you’d assume that I’d be the one imparting any skin care-related wisdom onto my mum. Speaking to dermatologists, hair stylists and makeup artists week on and week off, there’s a lot of brilliant information flying in my direction. However, it’s the early lessons I learnt from my mum that have truly shaped my long-standing beauty practices and values. After all,  it wasn’t a facialist I met via work who first taught me to take my makeup off every night or that daily SPF was a non-negotiable, it was my mum. 

In saying that, the approach I take or the exact brands I reach for has become an entirely personal and ever-evolving journey, influenced by new product releases or guidance from experts. Because as we all know, one woman’s can’t-live-without-serum may cause nothing but irritation for another. In fact, it’s rare that skin care and makeup routines often completely align with those we are close to. So, while some products mum and I use do differ – I mean, I’m dealing with hormonal acne which requires an entirely different set of products to the ones mum needs to combat sun spots – there are some old and faithful’s that we both agree are routine staples no matter what your age or skin concern. 

Though they aren’t in abundance, the select few products we do share have proven themselves to be versatile, flattering and actually yield some pretty impressive results. So without further ado, here are the six beauty products mum and I both use and love…

Bioderma Sensibio H2O

There is no one close to me that doesn’t have this cult-favourite French item in their bathroom vanity. For myself, with oily, acne-prone skin, this gentle micellar water has always been the first step for makeup removal in my routine.

And for mum? After another, slightly harsher micellar water resulted in irritation, she’s since landed herself in a committed, long-term relationship with Bioderma’s fan-favourite formulation. 

$29.99 at Adore Beauty

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Ultraceuticals Ultra Balancing Gel Cleanser

Irrespective of your age or skin concerns, Ultraceuticals will always deliver. For mum, and more recently myself, we both use the Ultraceuticals Balancing Gel Cleanser morning and night. The formula lightly lathers to cleanse and remove surface impurities on the skin and dissolves makeup without stripping the skin’s natural moisture balance.

$62 at Ultraceuticals

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Trinny London Skin Perfector BFF SPF 30 Serum

When it comes to shared loves between my mum and I, Trinny Woodall is up there. So it came as no major shock that we were both instant fans of her beauty line, Trinny London. In particular, the BFF Serum. The skin perfecting cream can be worn under makeup or alone as a sheer, lightweight tint for the skin, and a lot of the time, it’s all mum and I can A) be bothered to apply and B) feel is required to perk us up a little and cover any redness or dark spots.

$67.50 at Trinny London


Is your mum even your mum if she hasn’t told you to use Bio-Oil at some point in your life? Between us we’ve got it all: scars, stretch marks, pigmentation, you name it. So, our post-shower routine calls for this age-old, never fail, fast absorbing oil. What we’re yet to sit down and discuss however, is the new all-natural version, Bio-Oil Natural

$30.49 at Chemist Warehouse

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If there’s one thing I’ve inherited from my mum, (she may tell you otherwise), it’s frizzy hair. So a hair straightener (in particular the ghd) is a daily non-negotiable. Though mum uses hers purely to straighten and I use mine to add a wave, there’s no world in which we’d live without one.

$240 at Adore Beauty

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Bvlgari Rose Goldea Blossom Delight

This one began as a birthday present for mum, but has now become a signature scent for us both. Why? It’s floral, it’s feminine and it’s sophisticated. And it’s housed in a stunning pink glass bottle, of course. 

$172 at Myer

Do you and your mum love any of the same beauty products? If so, what are they?

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  1. Love this! Ruby, can see a resemblance for sure! Gorgeous mum ❤️
    When my mum was around on this plane, we both used nothing. I just started with beauty products after getting melasma and joining BH not long ago.

  2. The Mirenesse Velvet Foundation is something me and Mum both love – though I haven’t worn it for a while since I’ve been discovering some more lightweight ones. The skin finish though with the Mirenesse one is so good.

  3. My Mum passed away a few years ago. We didn’t use the same products but she loved Olay and even as a kid I remember watching her dot Olay moisturiser on her face before rubbing it it.

  4. Lovely to see you, Ruby’s Mum! ❤️

    Mum told me L’Oréal Excellence was the best hair colour. I thought: but there are so many new ones to try – yet, I always go back to L’Oréal Excellence.

    My first cosmetics were Maybelline black liquid eyeliner & mascara, both in matching pink & green tubes. They’ve discontinued that eyeliner (BRING IT BACK, MAYBELLINE!), but I’ve always done my eyeliner as Mum did.

  5. What a cute article!
    My Mum and I generally use the same products too (aside from perfume). She’s 56 but looks 36 so I hope to look as great as her when I’m that age!

  6. I haven’t heard of Trinny London before but the other products are all popular ones. I’d like to try Bio Oil Natural too. My Mum is no longer here but we both used Cyclax.

  7. My mum and I differ in what we both use, however even though my mum doesn’t wear that much makeup she will always buy me beautiful pallets. Love ❤️ you mum for encouraging my beauty hoard lol

  8. What a lovely article! My mum and I don’t share any beauty products unless you count homemade soaps we buy at a market stall.

    I like the sound of that Trinny London product.

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