Roll like a recessionista

Roll like a recessionista

I had a friend’s pre-wedding party this weekend but rather than wedding related rants, it was non-stop chatter about the credit crunch.

Now I admit, I don’t follow the markets with such flourish as I do the make-up counters at DJs, but the tightening of purse strings has sent me into a frenzy; will I still be able to splash out on my favourite cosmetic indulgences?

Despite the fact that others – read my dad – would call cosmetics luxuries, I consider them necessities and so I’ve been jotting down a few little swap shop ideas to help save a few extra pennies (and justify my spend). It’s surprising how much you can conserve if you roll like a recessionista…

Before:Great Lengths Hair Extensions Full Head
Now:Great Lengths Hair Extensions High & Low Lights

Less than a third of the price, High & Low Lights transform the hair to create texture, volume, length and colour, and compared to the $1,400 it costs for a full head, $350 doesn’t seem so bad. Of course, if we wanted to be extra good, a change in parting (covering pesky re-growth) or a DIY dye job is just as good (we’re sure your bank manager will agree).

Before: eyelash extensions
Now:MAC 4 Lash

Yes, yes it’s every girl’s right to have luxe lashes but in times of crunching credit permed lashes or extensions may be deemed a tad excessive. MAC 4 Lash aren’t though – you’ll even get change out of your $20.

Before: in salon manicure
Now:Fabulous One Minute Manicure

Fabulous One Minute Manicure costs just $10 and exfoliates, moisturises and softens in 60 seconds. Fabulous indeed. One tub will last you more than one mani too, so you get way more for your money – and here’s us thinking the credit crunch was a bad thing.

So there you have it, cheap ways to get your beauty thrills.

p.s. what other beauty swapsies can you think of?

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