Michelle Andrews shares her all-time favourite beauty products


If you’re a podcast junkie, chances are you’ve come across Shameless before. It was, after all, one of Australia’s most listened to podcasts of 2019.

Born in 2018 by co-founders and co-hosts, Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald, the duo sit down every week to discuss seemingly ‘silly’ topics like reality TV and celeb breakups, only in a measured and intelligent way.

It’s since become the ideal outlet for ‘smart women who love dumb stuff’,  and the ultimate destination for a pop culture fix without the fluff. Its huge success has even garnered the attention of the New York Times, The Guardian and the Sydney Morning Herald, proving that ‘dumb stuff’ may not be so dumb after all. 

The Bachelor and Love Island aside, another ‘dumb’ thing both hosts love to discuss is beauty. And recently, we were lucky enough to pick one half of the podcast’s brains, Michelle Andrews, about her top beauty buys and staples…

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Michelle and Zara via @michellandrews1

Have you always been interested in beauty? 

“I think so! I remember creating amateur magazines as a kid and writing about my favourite lip glosses and beauty products (along with ground-breaking coverage on what Beanie Kids were on trend, why I deserved a raise in my pocket money, and a campaign for desserts to be guaranteed after dinner every night, even when I didn’t finish my peas).”

What is your first beauty memory?

“I remember discovering the power of concealer reaaaally young. I have always had under-eye bags – sure, I don’t get anywhere near enough sleep, but genetics also royally screwed me – so stumbling upon a little pot of worryingly salmon-toned concealer in my mum’s makeup drawer was rather exciting.”

What’s your favourite beauty discovery so far in 2020?

“Retinol! I feel like the world’s most basic bitch for that answer, but it’s true. I started breaking out across my cheeks and chin late last year, so felt like my skincare routine needed an overhaul. I gradually (g-r-a-d-u-a-l-l-y) introduced Drunk Elephant’s A-Passoni Retinol Cream into my regimen and haven’t looked back. Patience and SPF are essential if you are going to hop on Team Retinol, though, so if that doesn’t sound like you, steer clear.”

What is your favourite luxe beauty buy?

“Hourglass setting powders/bronzers/anything. Bloody awesome brand.”

With a busy lifestyle, what are your top tips for saving time on beauty?

“GET YOUR EYEBROWS TATTOOED! Sorry for yelling. I highly recommend Femme by FM if you’re in Melbourne and even if you’re not, follow her on Instagram (@femmebyfm) before you get anything done. She knows her shit, shares some truly educational IG content, and is the best in the biz.”

What’s a beauty trick you wish you’d known earlier?

“I don’t know if this constitutes a ‘trick’, but for the love of God just listen to what your skin is telling you. Brands will try to sell you a million products because that’s their job, but often a simple skincare routine will work just fine if you choose the right products. Retinol is tres fancy for me, but outside of that right now I really only use a gentle cleanser, moisturiser and SPF. You don’t need ten kilos worth of exxy products to have clear skin. Sometimes (definitely in my experience) less is best.”

What’s your favourite budget beauty buy?

“MCoBeauty has awesome eyebrow pencils, particularly for blondies.”

Who is your dream guest for Shameless in 2020?

“Is it too much of a stretch to say Lizzo? Because I will STRETCH TO THE MOON, my friends.”

Do you tend to stick to the same products or do you like to switch it up?

“I’m a 100% or nothing kinda girl, which was great for my English teacher and shitty for poor Ms Smith in maths. I don’t really get swept up in the hype of new prods too much – if I love something, I looooove it.”


You speak often about the importance of sun safety, what is your favourite sunscreen, and what else do you do to make sure you’re staying safe in the sun?

“Mecca To Save Face and Ultra Violette Body and Hand SPF, bless their perfect cotton socks. Also, grab yourself a beach umbrella! It’ll cost you less than $30 and keep you in the shade all day long.”

You travel a lot with Shameless, what products do you bring with you on every trip?

“My Go-To travel pack has saved me! Go-To have fab, simple skincare products that never let you down, and those travel packs have everything I need on ze go. I also always travel with a concealer, bronzer and mascara.”

What is your in-flight beauty routine?

“Lol nothing. I will put on a James Cosmetics eye mask and read my book because flight time is my favourite time to switch off.”

What has been your biggest beauty regret?

“Three words: Packet hair dye.” 

What does a self-care evening look like for you?

“The perfect night would include going to the gym with my boyfriend (where I will do a KIC workout and probably go for a light run before sweating profusely and resemble something you’d find in a drain pipe), eating a homemade meal together, watching something on Netflix (right now, Sex Education), drinking copious cups of tea, calling my sisters, and going to bed before 11pm (rare… very rare).”

What does beauty mean to you?

“Giving yourself a little boost to feel your absolute best.”

Scroll on through to see Michelle’s ride-or-die’s:


NARS Sheer Glow Foundation (mecca.com.au, $72)


Michael Buble By Invitation Rose Gold EDP (chemistwarehouse.com.au, $49.95)

Face mask

Michelle says “Anything by James Cosmetics! Love love love their stuff.” So much so, she’s even got her boyfriend onboard. Iconic.


Go-To Skincare Very Useful Face Cream (mecca.com.au, $41)


M.A.C Lipstick in Velvet Teddy


Michelle doesn’t have just one Holy Grail mascara, she loves the whole Maybelline range, saying “I adore Maybelline mascaras, any! All! More! Gimme!”

Have you tried any of Michelle’s recommendations? Main image credit: @michelleandrews1

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  1. Her "taste" is completely opposite of mine. So no….not tried or will. Love snooping into other people's beauty loves and routines! More articles like these =D
    Men, women, all ages…always wondering : what are you using! My aunty overseas is 60, face smooth completely!! Zero lines on the face! And I am constantly bugging her now to tell me everything….she bought me my first skincare item when I turned 30 and was shocked that I cared zero for my skin! Now I see that stuff works when used right and starting on time.

  2. Never heard of her or her podcast. I do agree that less is more. I find that using less skincare products but good quality ones helps rather than using several different products

  3. I too love peeping into others beauty stash. I have used Nars Sheer Glow foundation in the past. It was lovely, but I probably wouldn’t buy it again. There’s heaps of other options available that are just as good but heaps cheaper. And I would prefer a tinted moisturiser over a foundation. I’ve got lots of MAC lipsticks, but I don’t have Velvet Teddy in my collection. It doesn’t suit me. It turns really dark brown on me.

  4. I am not interested in 'reality tv' and not interested in the opinions of broadcasters either, they are just their personal opinions. I do listen to the opinions of friends on matters I care about though, so not totally insensitive. The beauty products mentioned were quite down to earth, nothing over the top or extravagant so good common sense there. Retinol has been around for decades and decades so that isn't anything new.

  5. I have heard of her before because I'm a fan of the Shameless podcast! It's one of my must-listen-to's every week, even if I just tune in for their Monday episode. Their Thursday one-on-one convos with special guests (usually female, although they did have Brandon Jack on one episode) are pretty good too. Had a giggle when I saw the Michael Buble perfume as Michelle's on a mission to get the man to notice her on social media (she is OBSESSED with that particular scent, from memory).

  6. I didn't ever hear of her before this article but she sounds like a lovely person.! I relate to having 'me time' and I often get mine in the shower where no one can interupt me having some space without someone calling 'Mum'.

  7. I'm trying NARS Sheer Glow Foundation at the moment, but so far I haven't formed a definite opinion about it. However, I appreciate that I've been able to find a good colour match in the range for my pale skin.

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