Wonder wands

Wonder wands

Lipstick aside, mascara is usually the first thing we reach for to amp up our looks.  Why? It’s easy, quick and really does highlight the eyes, giving the impression of being wide-awake, on-the-ball and all-round gorgeous. Not bad for a little tube huh?

Well, it only gets better with the latest clutch of volumising mascaras on the horizon. Anything the others do, they can do better.

Moving on from the flimsy combs and sparse rubber applicators of recent seasons, mascara wands have been super-sized. The rubbery brush remains but it’s now dramatically bigger with more teeth to hold and spread the formula.

Just last week I was introduced to two of the new kids on the block: Covergirl Lashblast Volume Blasting Mascara and Avon SuperShock Mascara. Both are serious contenders for ‘biggest brush of 2008’.  And it’s only midway through the year!

So, what’s the deal? It seems the new generation of giant brushes hold more formula and sweep it evenly from root to tip in a single flick, giving you maximum impact for minimum effort.

“Most mascaras dump a lot of product at the base and then you have to fix it,” Dr Sarah Vickery, senior scientist for Covergirl, says. “Now there’s more uniform definition right away.”

The latest brushes also have blunt ends so you’re less likely to end up with a dollop of black goo on the inner corner of your eye. Or that’s what I’ve found anyway. They also reduce the number of applications required to coat the lashes completely.

One dip and a couple of sweeps with Avon SuperShock Mascara, gives enough definition for day. Two shots are even more luscious. Covergirl Lashblast Volume Blasting Mascara meanwhile gives beauty queen lashes with just one hit. That’s why I like two coats. Big really is better!

What’s your favourite mascara wand? 

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