Manicare Make-up Remover Towel

Manicare Make-up Remover Towel


Fifty females between the ages of 18-35 who are looking for an easy and effective way to remove stubborn makeup in one step.The triallers were instructed to use the makeup remover towel in the first step of their makeup removal process and all over their face and neck. They were also advised to machine wash the makeup remover towel prior to its first use. 



of members liked the packaging of the Manicare Make-up Remover Towel.


of members found the Manicare Make-up Remover Towel removed their makeup with ease.


of members are likely to introduce the Manicare Make-up Remover Towel into their regular makeup removal routine, after this trial.


of members would recommend the Manicare Make-up Remover Towel to friends and family after this trial.

beautyheaven says…

, The Manicare Make-up Remover Towel is a reuseable makeup towel made from a washable fabric that can be washed in the home washing machine. However, it is recommended to tumble dry on a low setting and to avoid using chlorine bleach to wash it. The Manicare Make-up Remover Towel is made to instantly remove makeup only using water. The premise behind this is that you don’t need to use a cleanser or exfoliant to remove your makeup to achieve radiant, clean skin. Most of the triallers reported they were able to remove all their makeup just by using the Manicare Make-up Remover Towel. However, some triallers needed to also use a cleanser to ensure stubborn makeup, such as long-lasting foundation and eyeliner, was completely removed. Most of the triallers were also pleased that they were contributing to the environment by not having, to use, and throw out facial wipes or cotton pads. The triallers were also pleased with the size of the towel, reporting that it was big enough to clean their entire face, but small enough to fold up neatly.   *Based on a survey of 20 beautyheaven Trial Team members. The products for this Trial Team have been provided by Manicare for the purpose of trial and review. All reviews submitted are the honest, authentic and genuine sentiments of the beautyheaven members participating in this trial.

You say:

emicals no fuss

ed this product as it removed my make up in a few wipes. It didn’t leave me feeling like I needed to do anything else afterwards. My skin was left hydrated and my cheeks finally stopped peeling as the other products I was using were becoming to drying for my skin.…read more reviews here

I’ve been searching for~

irst time i used the manicare makeup remover towel I said to myself “I cannot remember the last time my face was this clean” and although sad, it’s true. I’ll be recommending this to absolutely everyone I know! Such an amazing product to see in stores unlike others you need to buy online for ridiculous prices, and best of all it looks like it would last a lifetime! Amazing product!…read more reviews here

y amazing! Great cleanser, great for the environment!

moves my make-up so well! I wear a full face of make up every day for work and this towel did not leave a trace of foundation or eye make-up! I was very impressed with how my face felt afterwards; I probably don’t even need to cleanse after either because I felt no oil residue or any stickiness. I also loved that this is better for the environment – I used to hate wasting those little cotton pads!…read more reviews here

ne & Environment Saver!

lar motions work best to buff off the makeup, a little extra time is needed around the delicate eye area. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy greasy foundations and concealers were removed as I used to find make up removal tedious and quite rough on the skin when using wipes. When I wasn’t using wipes, I was using cleansing oils in the shower and I can guarantee you that process used so much more water and time than this quick and easy towel does for the same effect.…read more reviews here

onmentally friendly and cost effective

en have to put make up remover/ cleanser on twice when taking everything off and so I couldn’t believe that all I used was water and everything came off! No harsh scrubbing, no stinging eyes, I was so impressed! I love that you could use one end one night and the other end another time before washing it because it’s so big! Seeing all of the make up covering the towel I was a bit worried it wouldn’t wash out but straight in the washing machine and it was good to go again!…read more reviews here

es makeup like magic

loth was so effective at removing my makeup! There was actually a stark difference between where I had wiped the cloth. It only took one wipe across my face to remove my makeup. I continued to use the cloth on every area of my face, including my eyes and neck area. It did take a little more effort to remove my eye makeup, but that would also be due to me being a bit more gentle on that part of my face. I did find that after a couple more uses if I made sure the cloth was quite damp with warm water and held it over my eyes for a couple of seconds before wiping the cloth, it helped remove the eye makeup more effectively.…read more reviews here

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