7 Makeup Tips For Sensitive Eyes

7 Makeup Tips For Sensitive Eyes

Just because you’ve got sensitive eyes, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear eye makeup. Truly it doesn’t. You just need to be savvy with your product and brand choices, and have a little know-how when it comes to application. And once you do, you can say goodbye to sore, itchy, red eyes…

1. Be brand savvy

We’re a sensitive bunch of humans, and many beauty brands have cottoned on to this. By using brands that don’t use fragrances and ingredients that could potentially cause irritations, you’ll still be able to play around with makeup, but lower your chance of suffering from watery, stinging eyes ten fold.

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2. Clean your brushes

And by clean, I mean regularly. Or daily, if you want a gold star. Makeup brushes and tools become contaminated very easily, so it’s always smart to use clean ones around sensitive eyes to prevent general irritation and infection.

3. Use eye drops strategically

This means using eye drops at least 30 minutes before applying makeup, not moments before. If you don’t allow enough time, your eyes may be even more sensitive when applying makeup products, causing them to become watery. Not fun.

4. Avoid the waterline

Love wearing eyeliner on your eyelids? We understand your affection, but just ask you apply it next to the lash line instead of the waterline to avoid unnecessary irritation. If you’re planning on defining your lower lash, too, run your pencil underneath the lash line and blend well for a striking finish.

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5. Swap powders for creams

Powder eyeshadow is essentially the enemy of sensitive eyes as it can easy crumble and find its way into your eyes. Opt for the long-lasting, easily blendable cream varieties instead, as they’re less likely to create fallout.

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6. Say no to mascaras with fibres

Just like powder eyeshadows, these fibres can fall into your eyes and cause irritation. Stick to lengthening mascaras without fibres if you still want fluttery lashes, or try a volumising product instead – they boost lash thickness to make them truly standout.

7. Remove with care

Taking off your eye makeup at the end of the day to help prevent infection is even more important than making wise product choices. If you don’t, product can remain stuck to your lashes and lids and work its way into your eyes while you sleep. Use a gentle cleanser or micellar water to remove all traces of makeup, leaving the eyes clean and soothed.

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Do you have sensitive eyes? Or do you have any tips for those who do? And which brands do you love for easily irritated eyes?

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