19 emotional stages of makeup shopping

19 emotional stages of makeup shopping

Makeup lovers generally know how to go with the flow, whether it’s needing to disguise uneven eyeliner or touching up in some non traditional locations. However, there is one routine we tend to follow like a well oiled plan, and we may not even realise it!

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Do you list shopping as one of your hobbies? If you answered yes, chances are you’ve probably experienced most of these makeup shopping moments for yourself.

Put down the shopping list because here are 19 emotional stages you’ve definitely experienced on a makeup shopping spree…

1. Your paycheck drops  

You know those products you’ve been liking on Instagram all week? Now they can FINALLY all be yours.

2. You have high expectations for your self-control  

There is nothing wrong with looking, right?

3. How you feel when you see your favourite makeup store

Online shopping in your PJ’s is fun, but nothing beats the feeling of going home.

4. You walk in and find out there is a huge sale on

This was meant to be!

5. You instantly become mesmerised by every display

For beauty lovers, this is like a museum, but not only can you touch the art, you can actually TAKE IT HOME!

6. You find one of three sales assistants..

The amazing one:

You love EVERYTHING they suggest, too soon for BFF status?

The one working WAY too hard to make a sale:

Umm okay?

Or the slightly intimidating one:

Please leave me alone.

7. You try to score a free in-store makeover

Maybe if I linger here, really casually they will see me and offer me one!

8. Mid-makeover they let you try it out for yourself

Let’s get real – it will never look the same when you try this at home.

9. All done! You look in the mirror and… YOU LOVE IT!


10. Or you hate it.. But you try not to hurt their feelings

Smile and wave, boys!

11. You try and colour match foundation by yourself

This doesn’t look right.

12. Is it overkill to get two nude eyeshadow palettes?

‘Nuff said.

13. You must swatch every lipstick in this whole store

I need more arms!

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14. Finding the perfect shade… and it’s out of stock


15. You realize how many products have appeared in your basket

But how did they get there?

16. Then you hear your total


17. As guilty as you feel at least they throw in some free samples

This justifies everything!

18. You walk out of the store on the biggest rush

It doesn’t matter that I just spent my entire rent money right?

19. You finally get home and must try everything right away


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How many of these beauty buying moments can you relate to?

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