4 makeup tricks for younger-looking eyes

4 makeup tricks for younger-looking eyes

Remember the woman who didn’t smile for 40 years to avoid wrinkles?

You’ve got to give it to her for being so dedicated, but we couldn’t imagine a life without laughter or expression, so we’re happy to take the crow’s feet and smile lines that come with it.

And of course we’re still entitled to try a few make-up tricks to make our eyes appear younger…

#1 Embrace moisturising foundation

Foundation settling into crow’s feet is a big pet peeve for many women. The culprit is often a combination of things – from using the wrong foundation to not prepping the skin properly. Makeup guru Bobbi Brown says to always start by moisturising the the skin around the eyes with an eye cream, “because when skin isn’t moisturised, it looks dull, tired and older than it really is.”

bh recommends:

  1. Ultraceuticals Ultra Moisturiser Eye Cream
  2. Olive natural skincare Renew Eye Contour Cream
  3. RACINNE Ultimate Youth Power Eye Cream
  4. Dr. LeWinn’s Firming Eye Cream
  5. Mary Kay ® TimeWise ® Age-Fighting Eye Cream

When it comes to foundation, “one of my biggest tips is to embrace creamy make-up”, says Bobbi. “Choose moisturising foundations and stay away from overly matte makeup formulas as they will look dry and cakey on the skin.”

She also recommends using her new Bobbi Brown Instant Confidence Stick, which she calls a “magic eraser” for fine lines and wrinkles. It can help to smooth the skin both before and after makeup application.

#2 Groom your brows

As we age our brows can become sparse and dull in colour, which can have a drooping effect on the eyes. Filling them in can help to give your eyes a more youthful look, and despite the many techniques that are now out there, it really doesn’t have to be difficult (or time consuming).

Bobbi says to choose a matte powder shadow that’s the same colour as your brows and simply go over your natural shape for definition. “Then use a white or ivory highlighting shadow on the browbone to draw attention up and away from droopiness.”

bh recommends: NYX Hot Singles Eye Shadow in Whipped Cream and Sormé Brow Light Highlighter Pencil.

#3 Line with shadow

If you still can’t master a steady liquid line, shadow is not only an easier alternative, but the softer finish often looks better on ageing eyes.

Bobbi says to use a dark powder eyeshadow and an eyeliner brush to line all around the eye. “The liner on the upper lash line should be thicker and stronger than it is on the lower lash line,” she says. “To ensure this, line the [upper lash line first] and then the lower lash line using the leftover shadow.”

#4 And only apply eyeshadow to your outer eye crease

To create the illusion of bigger, wider and younger eyes, concentrate your eyeshadow application to the outer half of the crease of your eye. People often think the entire eyelid needs to be covered, but there’s nothing wrong with leaving the inner half bare.

When it comes to colour choice, Bobbi recommends using shades of brown or slate and staying away from black, except when it comes to lashes. “A couple of coats of really black mascara to the eyelashes will instantly make eyes appear more open.”

bh recommends:MUD Eyeshadow Palette in In The Nude and ASAP Pure Mineral Mineral Mascara

Did you find any of these tips useful? What kind of eye makeup look do you usually like to wear?

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