Make-up mysteries

Make-up mysteries

Q) What are warm and cool colour tones and how do I work out which I am?

– Vicki, VIC

A) “Warm and cool colour tones relate to the colour wheel or spectrum. Cool tones are blue, green, lavender, grey, light pink, silver, etc. Warm tones are brown, burgundy, dark red, gold etc,” explains Elsa Morgan, make-up artist. “Cooler tones tend to look best on fair skin, warm tones on more olive complexions,” she adds.

However, it’s a good idea not to get too stuck on the idea that you can only be one or the other. After all, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to make-up.

“Anyone can wear any colour, anytime,” says Cassandra Rae Ferguson, make-up artist. “You may feel that some colours suit you more than others, but this is a personal choice. If you are tentative about trying new make-up colours, use softer tones or apply just a hint at first. For example, if you would love to wear bright purple eyeshadow, but are afraid to take the plunge, try wearing a little mauve or lilac at first and build it up until you feel comfortable with more colour.”

Make-up artist Yolanda Lukowski adds, “The colour matching system is a dated concept in general, but interestingly there are some colours that are more flattering to the skin than others. Having said that, never be afraid of experimenting. Don’t ever feel hemmed in by rules, and always go with what feels right for you!”

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