Inside beautyheaven: make more of your make-up

Inside beautyheaven: make more of your make-up

Make-up free days aside (oh, glorious things that they are), we here at bh adore our face paint. Whether it’s applying a hasty bit of base, lashes and lippy in the morning while we eat a banana, answer an urgent email and discuss dinner plans or a more leisurely application before a special event, we want more from our make-up every time and we know you feel the same.

That’s why we’ve devoted this week at beautyheaven to making the most of your make-up. Inside you’ll find we’ve solved your make-up mysteries with a special Beauty Q&A revealing how to approach make-up for teens through to coping with the dehydration mature skins face. Plus, quick tips on achieving the party perennial, smoky eyes, without looking like a horror flick extra. 

We’ve discovered a make-up loving facial and there’s also our guide to the ultimate red lipstick, one trend that is not going away as the final weeks of winter approach. If you’re feeling daring, those application tips work just as well for spring’s corals and fuchsias.

Yes, we’re thinking spring. And it’s not only the bright new lip shades we’re loving, but sparkly liquid eyeliner, golden cheeks and a more matte foundation effect without dialling the time machine up to the mid-1990s (the amount of blotting paper required just isn’t environmentally friendly anymore).

We’re also busting out the gradual tanner and shifting gear with our nail polish. I’d love to chat more but I have an orangey-pink shade that’s like a typically polite coral on acid that my toes are crying out to meet. So enjoy, and we’ll catch up again tomorrow. When it might be my lips that are desperate for a new colour fix.

What new make-up colours are you craving? 

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