The Most Iconic Logies Beauty Looks Over The Years

The Most Iconic Logies Beauty Looks Over The Years

They’re the Aussie equivalent of the Golden Globes, and with just days to go until the 2022 TV Week Logie Awards, we thought it would only make sense to take a trip down memory lane. We beauty aficionados know that the real winners of any award show are the hair and makeup moments on the red carpet (we’re itching to see what look Melissa Leong will go for this Sunday night).

So, from past international guests like Kelly Rowland to our homegrown superstars including the likes of Margot Robbie and Rose Byrne, here are some of the most iconic red carpet looks we’ve seen at the Logies over the years. 

Isabel Lucas

Let’s be frank, a face like Isabel’s is going to look stunning no matter what she does. And this gold Grecian goddess look from 2005 is certainly no exception. With fluffy brows, a hair accessory, glossy lips and mermaid waves, she is the picture of perfection.

Delta Goodrem 

Take a look at Delta’s bombshell era in full force. The singer, actress, TV host and all-round Aussie icon paired her peachy, bronzed lids with similarly flushed cheeks and sweeping lashes.

Kate Ritchie

Kate Ritchie kept her base make up glowing and pared back to make way for her statement 360-degree aqua liner.

Kelly Rowland

Trust a five-time Grammy award winner to know how to rock a red carpet. Kelly Rowland brought the glamour with side-swept curls, luminous skin and a red lip. Plus, extra points for her black-tipped manicure.

Rebecca Judd

When it comes to red carpet glam, Rebecca Judd does not miss. With her signature waves and a soft red lip look that will be forever saved in our ‘beauty inspo’ folder, the 2017 Logies were no exception.

Margot Robbie

Only three years prior to filming The Wolf Of Wall Street with Leonardo Dicaprio, Margot Robbie was walking the 2010 Logies red carpet with sparkling rosy cheeks.

Jessica Mauboy

If you can see past Jessica’s dazzling smile, we’d like to take a moment to honour her gorgeous choppy fringe and potentially the most perfectly applied liquid liner we’ve ever seen. 

Lara Worthington

Hairspray and backcombing were main features for a baby-faced Lara Bingle’s (then Worthington) Logies moment. As always, Lara’s radiant skin took minimal makeup for it to glow.

Isabel Lucas

No, you aren’t back at the beginning of the article, Isabel Lucas has made our list twice (and we were tempted for a third). Does anyone remember this iconic wispy fishtail braid? Because we’ll never get over it.

Rose Byrne

Recognise this famous face? You’d be forgiven if you didn’t. We’re not used to seeing Rose Byrne with a dark sweeping side fringe. 

Asher Keddie

Okay, wow. If you wanted the definition of timeless glamour, Asher Keddie is it. 

Jesinta Campbell

There aren’t many people who can pull off every hair cut, colour and style. Jesinta Campbell however? No issues whatsoever. Though we’ve seen her with a blonde pixie cut and a brunette bob, this long, sleek and darker shade has been a standout.

Meghan Gale

Megan Gale looking stunning? It’s hardly breaking news. We believe it’s the perfect combination of good genetics and a dewy foundation.

Natalie Bassingthwaighte

We love anyone who is willing to have a little bit of fun with their look and Nat did exactly that. Throwing the rule book out the window, the Rogue Traders lead singer rocked a statement lip and eye. Badass.

Bec Cartwright

No Logies roundup is complete without the queen of Aussie soaps, Bec Cartwright. And these images of Lleyton Hewitt and Bec’s twisty pull-back hairdo are forever etched into our brain.

Do you have a favourite Logies beauty look? If so, which is it?

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  1. So many Beautiful Australian Celebrities like Isabel Lucas, Delta Goodrem, Megan Gale, Lara Worthington, Asher Keddie, Jacentia Campbell will all Glam Up for the Up Coming Logie Awards.

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