LMFF runway report: good girl goes bad

LMFF runway report: good girl goes bad

After the high glamour and drama of the catwalks before, the fresh, peachy faces and insouciant locks shown on L’Oreal Runway Three were something of a light relief. Though it was not entirely sweet.

The loosely tousled tresses, gently blushing cheeks and taffeta-pink lips certainly created an angelic ingénue when worn with a white floor-sweeper, but add a black bikini and biker leathers and you’ve got another girl entirely…

The look: angels on the edge

Honeyed lids winged with creamy gold liner and smooth, elongated lashes gave the look a pretty glamour, but, aside from accentuated eyebrows needed for catwalk impact, the rest of the face remained subtly pink as a petal. And dreamily simple to DIY.

But these tresses, which appear so delicately demure with one look yet almost recklessly rock with the next, take a trick or two…

Hair how-to

Hair Director Mark Thompson says that, though these ‘effortless’ looks seem easy to achieve, preparation and careful product placement are key.

Step 1: Starting with towel-dried hair, apply an egg-size amount of texturising volumiser (try L’Oreal Professional Tecni.art Full Volume Extra) and work it right through from roots to ends.
Step 2: Draw a centre part and then blow-dry your hair smooth. To keep the emphasis on movement through the lengths, take care to blow-dry your hair flat against your scalp.
Step 3: Section your dry locks and spritz on a supple setting spray (Thompson used Tecni.art Pli) before tonging from your mid-lengths down. Pin each curl cluster to your head and allow to cool.
Step 4: Before unpinning the loops, mist your whole head with hairspray and then gently brush over the released lengths to create gentle waves.

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