Shonagh in the City: day three

Shonagh in the City: day three

I’m not sure if you’d call it Supermodel Hell or Heaven…

I’ve just arrived back from theMaybelline New York Fashion Week welcome dinner, with beauty editors and brand peeps from over 23 countries, all fighting for time with three of the world’s most beautiful women. Stand next to them and it’s a total beauty buzz… look at your pic next to them and well… welcome to self-esteem hell!  

We ate at the most delicious Italian place down in Chelsea called Vento (put it on your must-do list). We arrived, sipped on some Taittinger, then were swiftly seated, before none other than Erin Wasson, Julia Stegnar and catch-your-breath-beautiful Jessica White strut in. I say strut, because when you’re that tall, thin and beautiful, there is no other way you can move.

OK Erin first… she’s working overtime this week representing the brand, as well as doing her own show with uber cool street/skate label RVCA, so had to rush off to finish fittings for her show tomorrow.  Erin had the eighties nailed, with a teased up, super high pony tail and heavy eyeliner that made her cat-like eyes all the more mesmerising. Tip:MNY Define-A-Line Eyeliner in Black will get you the same look. Next up, Jessica White. Just breathtaking. A no make-up-make-up look that suited her caramel complexion perfectly.

But it was really Julia Stegna that floored us, stopping to chat forever and a day, revealing she is besties with Gemma Ward and Miranda Kerr and loves nothing more than to surf (although she is so scared of sharks that sometimes she keeps her legs up on the board and gets bad sunburn – give the girl sunblock!).

Her ideal holiday would be a road trip through NZ, surfing in the morning and skiing all afternoon (mine too!). She also said she is so low maintenance with hair and make-up, pretty much because she doesn’t know how to apply. With skin and features like that, who would need to?

While we’re on her skin, it is porcelain perfect – not a blemish in sight and contrasted beautifully with MNY Moisture Extreme Lip Colour in Empire Red.

Loved her hair, in its tight, textured bun too. Very street-chic and edgy-elegant.

OK gotta hit the hay… will touch base again tomorrow, after Erin’s show!

Bye bye from NY!

Images (from top left) Julia Stegnar andShonagh; Erin Wasson with Shonaghand Shonagh with Jessica White and Charlotte Willer.

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