Lip loves

Lip loves

Are your poor little lips crying out for some plumping, moisturising shine? Make them extra kissable this winter thanks to a heads up from the toughest judges around…bh members!

Bourjois Gloss Effect 3D
“Glosscars 2009…could this lovely item be in the running? It is truly one of the best out there and comes in a great range of colours that really shine. Thank you Bourjois.” 5/5 – BourjoisBarmy

The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ The Lip Scrub
“This is the solution I have been looking for. My lips are always dry and peely. Balms don’t seem to help. The Lip Scrub restores my lips to their former luscious beauty.” 5/5 – sharjoza

Natio Lip Glaze
“OMG this is my absolute favorite lip gloss ever.  I have been wearing it for about 8 years, lol, and although I try a lot of others, nothing beats this. Gorgeous shine, long-lasting, sweet scent, basically perfect. Love it. Great price too.” 5/5 – lilychemgirl

Clinique Full Potential™ Lips Plump and Shine
“Usually I wouldn’t spend this much on something that I wasn’t sure worked. My sister received two for Christmas and I was the lucky recipient of the 2nd! I always worried I would get that ‘bee stung’ look, but just the opposite. My lips look healthy, full, and for someone who worries about thin lips, it actually makes them look kissable! This product is worth every cent spent on it, I’m due for my new one soon!” 5/5 – mysygirl

Carmex CARMEX® Ointment
“This is one of my all time favorite lip balms and the only one that I use when my lips are really sore and cracked. It starts to heal them within hours, which I’ve never found with any other balm. For the price, I just can’t go past it.” 5/5 – glossqueen

Sally Hansen Invisible Lip Liner
“Love it. What a great product. I do not leave home without it. It really does define your lips in such a natural way and you don’t have to carry a variety of different coloured lip liners. Perfect for travelling and quick lipstick touch ups.” 5/5 – Kylie7

Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Colour

“I love not only the fact that this lipstick stays put – but that it moisturises and keeps my lips soft. I don’t have to reapply several times throughout the day and it doesn’t break the bank to buy!!” 5/5 – katmum

Ere Perez Natural Rosehip Oil Lipbars SPF 15
“I’m obsessed with the Lipbar. It really moisturises your lips and looks great! Plus Ere Perez products do not test on animals (approved by Choose Cruelty Free Australia) and they use natural ingredients. What more could you want?” 4/5 – medusa

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