The Relaunch Of Lady Gaga’s Makeup Line Has Taught Us A Thing Or Two About Business

The Relaunch Of Lady Gaga’s Makeup Line Has Taught Us A Thing Or Two About Business

Lady Gaga embodies everything that is daring, quirky, fabulous, and boundary-pushing when it comes to beauty. So it came as no surprise that Haus Labs (her makeup line, launched in 2019) would cater to those looking to recreate some of her bolder looks.

However, since its debut, Haus Labs has undergone a brand revamp as Lady Gaga no longer wants to leverage solely off her fan base, otherwise known as the “Little Monsters”. Instead, she’s seeking to serve a wider audience and broaden the line’s appeal. A smart business move if you ask us.

“This re-imagining of the brand has been in the works the whole time, because this is really coming out of the natural progression of me being a student of the beauty industry,” she told allure. “When I first started this company, I was an expert in my own makeup, in stage makeup and red carpet makeup, but really needed to become an expert in the beauty landscape and how to build a brand. So that took some time.”

What can we expect to see from the new Haus Labs?

Don’t fret, if you’re still eager to replicate a Lady Gaga fluorescent liner moment, you can easily do so with any of the brand’s 90 products (which include 18 eyeliner shades and 13 shimmer and matte lip crayons). But for those a little less daring? The singer wants you to know that Haus Labs is less about achieving the “Lady Gaga look” and more about providing quality, skin care infused products for everyone.

“I did not want it to be about me, or my stage makeup, or my red carpet makeup necessarily, even though I have worn these products on stage and red carpets.”

Adding, “I wanted this makeup to be for everyone. So this is supercharged makeup with supercharged ingredients. It’s infused with skin care.”

In true Lady Gaga style, the House Of Gucci star is doing something that’s never been done before: infusing her makeup with the anti-inflammatory ingredient, arnica. “I use regular arnica on my body all of the time for fibromyalgia,” explained Lady Gaga, speaking of her chronic condition which led to her hospitalisation in 2017. “I used to take prescription medication to take down inflammation and actually found that arnica was much more powerful.”

And so, (after pushback from formulators) the Haus Labs arnica-infused highlighters and bronzers were born. The benefits? Significantly reducing redness across our cheeks. “It’s treating my skin, but it’s also a very high-performance artistry product,” she says. “I always want to make sure that people understand that we do not sacrifice performance, but we also don’t sacrifice your values.”

Love to see it.

Where can we purchase Haus Labs?

For fans of its original release, you’d know that Haus Labs was once available to Aussies via Amazon. Since then, the brand has launched in Sephora US. We don’t have word when the line will hit our shores but we’re remaining hopeful. Stay tuned. 

Main image credit: @hauslabs

Did you try the original Haus Labs products? What did you think?

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  1. I think it looks fresh and nice not something I would run and and buy myself but the wind up lipsticks look interesting would be interested on peoples opinions of those.

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