Kylie Jenner teases a new Kylie Cosmetics blush

Kylie Jenner teases a new Kylie Cosmetics blush

If you’re not keeping up with the Kardashians (or having your Instagram feed flooded by them), then you may not have noticed that Kylie Jenner turned 21 over the weekend. Not only did Kylie dye her hair golden blonde for her 21st celebrations, but she also teased a new Kylie Cosmetics blush.

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Yesterday, Kylie took to Instagram to post some pictures of her in one of her (many) birthday outfits. But it wasn’t her new blonde hair or vintage Gucci dress that stole the show in the shots, it was her makeup. And in particular, that blush.

Kylie broke down her makeup in the caption of the photo. “G L A M! Born To Sparkle liquid shadow (bday collection), Champagne Showers highlighter (bday collection), Coconut lip liner with Bare Matte Lip, & New Blush Sneak Peeeeek,” she posted alongside a sparkle emoji.

The blush took fans completely by surprise, considering Kylie only just released a limited edition Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection. Her Birthday Collection consists of six matte lipsticks, three glitter eyeshadows, a champagne gold highlighter, an eyeshadow palette, a makeup bag and of course, some lip kits.

As we know, Kylie loves her blush. So we’re not surprised she’s got another one in the works – we just can’t wait for the shimmery number to drop!

To us, it looks like a powdery pink hue. So if you’re in need a new blush with some similar sparkle, beautyheaven suggests trying the Lancôme Blush Subtil Rose, Designer Brands Mosaic Blush and Yves Saint Laurent Blush Volupté.

What do you think of the new blush on Kylie Jenner? What is your favourite blush?

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