How to buy Kylie Cosmetics in Australia

How to buy Kylie Cosmetics in Australia

From humble beginnings as a one product business to a makeup line worth over a billion dollars, Kylie Cosmetics has seen exponential growth since its launch in 2015.

Kylie Jenner, the beauty and brains behind the operation, first debuted her company as Kylie Lip Kits, selling matte liquid lipstick and lip liner duos inspired by her signature makeup style. The endeavour apparently cost the reality star $250K to make 15,000 lip kits, which sold out in under one minute flat. People loved them so much they even got Lip Kit tattoos. Yes, really.

A few months later, Kylie Lip Kits became Kylie Cosmetics to encompass more than just lip kits, and that’s when the business really grew legs. 

Over the years, Kylie’s expanded her brand well beyond her signature lip kits, with the makeup mogul releasing a number of Kylie Cosmetics products including eyeshadow collections, glosses, highlighters, concealers, blushes, bronzers, liners, makeup brushes and more. 

And whether you’re a Kardashian fan or not, there’s no denying that the Kylie Cosmetics products are seemingly worth the splurge, with rave reviews from beauty influencers and consumers alike.

With Christmas just a few pay cheques away, it’s a convenient excuse to get you hands on some Kylie Cosmetics if you haven’t already. A (slightly exxy) stocking stuffer, perhaps?

But wait. Just how can you buy Kylie Cosmetics in Australia?

Unlike our lucky American counterparts who can just nip into their local Ulta, us Aussies can only get our Kylie Cosmetics fix online at

It’s important to note the e-commerce site lists prices in USD, so you’ll have to enlist the help of a calculator (or Google) when converting to AUD before checking out.

And while you may not be able to swatch the products before purchase, international shipping only takes 10-15 business days (according to the FAQs), plus shipping is free if you spend over $60 USD! 

So if you plan to splurge in the name of free shipping, here are five of the best Kylie Cosmetics products to add to your cart.

Velvet Lip Kit in ‘Bare’

While Kylie’s hero product may be the matte lip kit, her velvet kits are our pick. They have the same benefit of a matte finish but without the drying downfalls. Bare is the perfect baby pink-nude hybrid that compliments any eye look or outfit choice.

Kylighter in ‘Cheers Darling’

The Kylie Cosmetics highlighters, affectionately dubbed ‘Kylighters’, are one of the best-sellers due to a rich and creamy formula that won’t leave you with chalky streaks across your cheekbones. Try it in Kylie’s 2018 birthday shade, Cheers Darling, for a gorgeous champagne pink glow.

Kyshadow Balmain Palette

Kylie Cosmetics collaborated with fashion house, Balmain, for Paris Fashion Week this year and the result was a stunning collection of catwalk-worthy products, including the Kyshadow Balmain Palette. This nine pan warm-toned eyeshadow palette is ideal for creating rich, summery looks (all year round).

Skin Concealer

The Kylie Cosmetics Skin Concealer is a fan favourite, thanks to the 30-strong shade selection and medium coverage that’s easily buildable.

High Gloss in ‘Always Shining’

If you reach for gloss over lippy, the Kylie Cosmetics High Gloss in ‘Always Shining’ is one you need to try. Formulated with shea butter, and a subtle silver shimmer, this clear gloss adds moisture and shine for a standout pout.

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