Kim K’s make-up artist reveals his contouring tricks


If you’ve ever attempted to contour à la Kim Kardashian, you’ll know it ain’t easy. What shades should you use? Which brushes are best? Will you end up looking like a muddy mess and have to start over? It’s confusing!

Is it really too much to ask for chiselled cheekbones and a luminous glow in all the right places? Well, although Kim may be blessed with amazing bone structure, she also has three – yes, three – make-up artists beautifying her every day.

And now, one of them, Rob Scheppy, has spilled his contouring tricks, so us mere mortals can master the technique.

“You start off with [what] your skin tone is. Then you define, contour, enhance, and highlight,” Rob told The Cut.

“The contour would be a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone. The highlight shade would be a shade or two lighter ,so you’re creating that depth in the space. Then it’s the art of blending it together so it graduates — or has an ombré effect, where it goes from light to dark but looks seamless. It should look really smooth and blended, not like there are chunks of lines everywhere.”

Rob stresses that it doesn’t need to be perfect: “If you’re enhancing, you don’t have to exactly follow the bones of your face. You can create any shape you want. But for the average girl out there,… I would say to follow the natural shape of your face as a guide.”

What about those little imperfections? Does contouring help with those?

“If you maybe had a bump on the side of your nose or it was wide, you could shade the areas to make them look smaller.”


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Right, please excuse me while I go and work on my blending technique!

Do you contour your face? Will you be trying any of Rob’s tips?

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