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If I absolutely HAD to choose a celebrity to be transformed into, Kate Hudson is definitely at the top of my list. She has the most youthful glowing skin, gorgeous golden locks and that smile. So of course I just had to know every single one of her beauty secrets. Luckily she was happy to share (which made me love her even more).

bh: What are your top skin and make-up products to keep your complexion looking so youthful and radiant?

Kate: I stay away from using a lot of products. For me, less is more. The less I use, the better my skin is. Stress is also a big part of how well my skin is. The less stressed I am, the better it looks.

bh: What are your quick-fix tips for looking bright eyed and bushy tailed after a late night or no sleep?

Kate: If I’m feeling tired or my face is feeling like it’s stressed out or I haven’t slept much, I will literally stick my face in a bowl of ice and I will try to take it as long as I can, come up for air and then go back down. Sometimes I will take big bags of ice, lay down and put them on my face. It really works.

bh: We know you have sensitive skin – how do you ensure it doesn’t have any flare-ups when you constantly have to wear make-up for work?

Kate: I can’t. I think as much as women try, there will always be some reason why we will have flare ups. Whether it’s stress or not wearing the right foundation for our skin. Which is why I love Almay products. They don’t irritate my skin since they are made for more sensitive skin.

bh: What are your favorite products for accentuating your eyes?

Kate: Almay Intense i-Color Smoky-i Kits because of the way they formulate and structure them. They come with the contour color and the highlighting color so you get a good pop. I add eyeliner under the eye.

bh: What’s your everyday signature scent and which perfume do you reach for when you want to feel sexy?

Kate: I am not a big user of perfumes. I prefer oils when I want a scent. Depending on the way I feel that day, I will mix up different oil scents such as coconut or lavender and wear them for the day.

bh: What is your biggest beauty sin/most shocking beauty confession?

Kate: I come from a very self-deprecating family and when you grow up with a bunch of boys you’re always at the butt of the joke. Even if you make mistakes, I can laugh at them so they become more funny than disastrous. I remember about two weeks after I had Ryder, I must have been 60-70 pounds overweight, and my dad had a premiere for this film called ‘Miracle’ which was a really beautiful movie and he was wonderful in it. I really wanted to be there for his premiere to support the film because it was such a great film. So I went ,but I had just had a baby. I hadn’t been able to do anything with my hair. I ended up putting this bang wig on and I look back at pictures of this and I just laugh. I couldn’t have been happier in my life and it does actually show in these pictures, but in terms of how different I look, it’s pretty out there. So I wouldn’t say that was a disaster, it was a special time.

bh: How do you look after your hair on an everyday basis when you’re not at work? Do you have any favorite styling or care products?

Kate: A bun. I literally put some Moroccanoil in my hair and throw it up in a bun so nobody has to see what it looks like.

bh: Has your body changed since hitting you thirties and having children? If so, how have you had to change your diet/exercise routine to stay in shape?

Kate: I think like anything when you reach certain ages you see changes in your body. I believe that when you put the work into it you can really create any body that you would like, you just have to do it. That goes for both what you use for fuel, what you put into your body and how you choose to work out and what works for you. It really is different for different body types and as you can see in the world of fitness, it’s just a matter of how much effort and how motivated you are to do that. My body shifts as much as I’m working it. If I’m not I can see that it’s probably best to keep working on it.

Are you as envious of Kate’s hair and complexion as I am? Have you tried any of the Almay products? 

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