Jodie Comer’s Technique For Achieving The “Perfect Cat Eye”

Jodie Comer’s Technique For Achieving The “Perfect Cat Eye”

As far as we’re concerned, Jodie Comer has never looked anything but effortlessly polished.  However, according to the Killing Eve actress, her signature fresh-faced makeup look didn’t come together overnight. 

“I always used to go overboard and would then have to wash it off,” she told Net-A-Porter.  Yet, as is the case with most A-listers who spend long stints in the makeup chair, she’s since picked up a few tips and tricks along the way. In fact, she credits her makeup artist, Alex Babsky for correcting her winged eyeliner technique. A notoriously difficult look to nail, if you ask us.

Previously, Jodie said she would take her eyeliner and “start in the middle of my eyelid and draw it out”. However, “the trick is to always start from the outside of your eye and move towards the center of your face,” she explained. Though Jodie didn’t reveal the exact liner she uses complete her cat eye, we recommend the Rimmel London Wonder’Ink Eyeliner ($13.99, Chemist Warehouse) or Natio’s Precision Liquid Eyeliner ($16.95 at Myer). 

To complete the look, we can only assume Jodie then applies her favourite $12 drugstore mascara. As for her enviable brows (which are “the most important thing”), she reveals her favorite product is the M.A.C Clear Eyebrow Gel ($41, M.A.C Cosmetics).

Main image credit: @babskymakeup

What do you think about Jodie’s cat eye technique? Do you have any tips of your own?

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    • The MAC brow gel is great! I like it a lot but my one isn’t clear anymore – it’s gotten all murky coloured from stroking it over the top of my Benefit brown brow colour products which I apply first and then stroke the MAC gel over the top to feather the colour and set it a bit. Long gone is my nice clear colour of my MAC brow gel.

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