Jessica Chastain Let A TikTok Challenge Determine Her Tony Awards Glam

Jessica Chastain Let A TikTok Challenge Determine Her Tony Awards Glam

If you thought TikTok was only for the Gen Z influencers, think again. Because when it comes to the viral video platform, Jessica Chastain’s ‘get ready with me’ content reigns supreme. Her latest video (which is currently sitting at one million views) took us behind the scenes on the unorthodox and completely fascinating way she conceptualised her stunning Tony Awards look. 

TikTok’s latest challenge invites participants to choose (at random and typically blindfolded) between a range of different hair and makeup styles until they have a complete look. Think smokey eye vs winged liner or hair up vs hair down. In some more extreme cases, the options have gone as far as a fluffy brow vs a bleached brow. The results? Let’s just say they vary from breathtaking to comical. 

For those of us who have our signature styles down to a fine art and don’t stray, (due to a lack of skills, fear of stepping outside of our comfort zone or lacking the Jessica Chastain ability to pull of any look in existence) this wild card method of getting ready seems only fit for a complete thrill seeker. Which might be why watching from the comfort of our phone screens is so much fun. 


Let’s hear it for the boys 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️

♬ original sound – Jessica Chastain

So, what did Jessica land on? A cat eye, bold lipstick and her hair down with a curl. A jackpot in our opinion. 

Does it help that the people responsible for executing your selections are a professionally trained glam squad? Yeah, we’d say so. 

But the best part of all? The video is set to the Harry Styles banger ‘Music For A Sushi Restaurant.’

What do you think about this TikTok challenge? Would you try it before a big event?

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  1. If I had a glam squad, maybe – just maybe, I’d trust them to pick between a few safe styles.

    But I don’t have a glam squad. I was so busy sewing my dress for my niece’s wedding on the weekend that I didn’t have time to think about how to wear my hair. I got up early & tried three hairstyles that didn’t work, so I had to do my hair into a triple plait on the train.

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