A look back at Jennifer Lopez’s most iconic beauty looks


As one of our generation’s top beauty icons, Jennifer Lopez has quite the beauty look back-catalogue. You’d think rounding up her top moments would be a breeze, right?

Wrong – solely because there are simply so many standouts to choose from. She never puts a (perfectly pedicured) toe out of line, always styling her hair and makeup to absolute perfection, no matter the era.

And hey, if Bennifer can come back in 2021, maybe silver shadow can, too (yes, you better believe J.Lo has rocked it – multiple times).

Ready for all the past, present and future inspiration you could ever need? Here are J.Lo’s most incredible beauty looks, from 1995 to now…

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Nothing says ‘90s like a cappuccino nude lip, right? Of course, Jennifer pulled it off like a pro – we don’t think she’s ever met a neutral lip she didn’t like.


We may know her for her beautiful bronde now, but back in 1996, Jen was all about a deep brunette shade and natural curls.


We love J.Lo with any hair colour, but something about this smooth-textured updo and mauve lip combo works especially well with her chocolate hue.


Well, hell, was it even 1998 if you didn’t rock a frosted lip, silver shadow and a half-up, half-down ‘do with tendrils?


Something about these flyaway-free blunt ends screams ‘call your hairdresser for a trim immediately’, huh? So fresh, so sharp, so satisfying.


The dress may have caused the biggest commotion (yes, this is the iconic Versace number), but we think the matching shadow deserves a shoutout, too.


If you can pull off a sleek side-parted bun and a magenta flower hair accessory like Jennifer, then why on earth wouldn’t you rock it?


The next year she went from sleek to sky-high, pairing her caramel-coloured tonal makeup with lots of volume and lots of curls.


Jen really said “let’s get loud” with this eye and lip combo. Bright coral gloss is a statement even solo, but if you look closely, there’s also a little emerald eye action.


Hello, fringe! She may have returned to her signature neutrals the following year, but the new set of bangs made sure 2004 offered a new aesthetic altogether.


Is it nude gloss? Is it a take on concealer lips? Hard to tell. What’s crystal clear, however, is that Jenny from the Block can work a beehive. Not easy.


J.Lo was serving some serious Old Hollywood glamour in 2006 with side-swept vintage-inspired curls and rosy makeup shades.


She was also the picture of a polished pinup girl the following year, matching her coffee-toned hair hue to her smokey cappuccino shadow.


J.Lo’s centre-parted waves are practically as iconic as she is, and 2008 offered one of the first glimpses of her showing them off.


She did take a brief detour back to fringe town in 2009, though, pairing her shaggier style with fluffy lashes and a pinky-nude lip.


Bright red lippy isn’t something Jennifer embraces often, but when she does it’s definitely a moment. This neon candy apple colour is stunning against her skin.


No, she didn’t leave silver shadow in 1998; it was alive, well and pairing perfectly with a silver-toned hair barrette in 2011.


Another lip colour that only makes rare appearances? Plum. We don’t know why, though; this burgundy lacquer is beautiful on her, especially teamed with glitzy gold shades.


Nobody does neutrals quite like J.Lo, whether they’re warm-toned like this honey lip or cool like her elephant grey smokey shadow.


Damn, does this woman do a bouffant blowout well. We couldn’t help but notice that her brows have also come a long way since ’95.


A pastel pout is a bold beauty choice, but when it works, it really works. We love that she kept the hair simple and swept back to let the makeup have its moment.


Another rare red lip sighting, this time of the glossy lacquered variety. FYI, consider this confirmation that red lips do complement bright colours (yep, even yellow).


Swishy ponytail? Check. Statement lashes? Check. Nude gloss? Double check. This is a classic J.Lo look if we’ve ever seen one.


2018 definitely saw the brightest blonde she’d embraced in a few years, and we’re giant fans of this centre-parted straight style.


Sometimes, of course, Jennifer favours volume over length in the hair game, opting for bouncy shoulder-grazing curls instead of long mermaid locks.


Um, is there a petition for J.Lo to teach a topknot-wearing class? She just does it with such style. And not that her cheekbones need any lifting, but wow, do they look sharp.


It’s hard to top her number one classic, though. If bronde wavy blowouts and bronze-y makeup is wrong, we don’t want to be right.

Image credits: Getty ImagesWhat’s your favourite J.Lo beauty look?

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  1. Jennifer Lopez has so many changes in her Makeup and Hair Styles throughout the years, she looks better with blonde highlights in her hair and neutral coloured Makeup, it seems to suit her and she looks after her lovely Skin as well.

  2. She certainly has had some fabulous looks over the years but I particularly liked her look in 1997 as she looked very natural and a little "girl next door." Oh and silver eyeshadow is welcome back anytime!

  3. Jennifer Lopez paid her makeup artist/ Cosmetic surgeon, very well and took good care of her skin so she got rewarded however I don't believe the olive oil thing one bit.

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