Jems of genius

Jems of genius

Last week it was English aristoglam Jemma Kidd; this week, home-grown make-up queen Jemma Gawned. In Sydney on a speedy business trip, Melbourne’s glossiest girl swung by yesterday to say hi to the Bh team. At last.  

We’ve been in touch for ages. Jemma’s a longtime Bh member and I’m a slave to her lip and cheek tint (won’t check the letterbox without it). And, of course, we’ve all seen her on tele. But, in beach-haired and gleamy-lipped person, she was a surprise…

The thing that threw me about Jemma is she’s not just the lovely “lip gloss queen” from Big Brother, a snap-worthy socialite and sometime television identity. Jemma’s an electric switched-on businesswoman and a beauty brain to the bone. Having clocked up backstage cred at international fashion shows before ever becoming BB housebound, Jemma doesn’t just know how to design pro-style products for everygirl, make-up artistry radiates from her pores.

Within minutes of arriving, Jemma’s talking tricks of the trade like most talk weather, glamorising Bh’s Laina with her slim-enough-for-skinny-jeans Jemma Gloss compact and outing herself as a damn fine hair stylist too. One tip: the simplest way to get stylish curls with your straightener…

“Take a section of your hair and just wind it,” she said, nimbly wrapping her own blonde tresses around three done-this-a-trillion-times fingers. “Use as many fingers as you like to create tighter or wider curls, gather the section and then just clamp it in your straighteners for a few seconds.

“Then, bobby pin each section while you do the rest and when you release you’ve got gorgeous, natural-looking curls,” Jemma explained. “It’s so easy – I do my hair like that all the time.”

It’s certainly more of a cinch than the hairdressers’ twist-and-wind technique I’ve spent so much time perfecting.

Bless you, Jemma. You and your big beauty brain can pop by Bh again any time…

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