This IKEA hidden gem is here to save you from your beauty storage rut


No matter how hard you try, keeping your bedroom or bathroom neat and tidy can be instantly undone by the scattering of a foundation brush here, and an eyeshadow palette there. 

And while the walk-in wardrobe gets maximum airtime from fashion lovers, it seems that the attention on beauty storage is often overlooked. 

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So, if your home is missing a dedicated glam room but you have more gold liquid eyeliners than shoes (zero judgement), then it’s time to redirect your focus away from the bedroom closet and over to the bathroom vanity. Or in this case, the trolley.

In true IKEA fashion, the $49 three-tiered trolley, AKA the ‘Raskog’ is incredibly small-space friendly. Containing four wheels, the trolley is free to bounce between rooms as the search for perfect lighting has you going from mirror to mirror.

Image credit: IKEA

This stylish and compact solution will create order amongst the makeup chaos, while the open shelves allow for easy access. In other words, there’ll be no time wasted searching high and low for items, packing and unpacking smaller boxes kept stacked within draws. Because as we all know, the products you can see are the products you’ll actually use. 

Image credit: IKEA

We suppose there is always the option to clean out your beauty collection and keep your products to an absolute minimum but before we make any irrational and potentially year-ruining decisions, we propose you give our alternative solution a try.

The only hard part you’ll face is selecting which of the four stunning colours you want to take home. 

Main image credit: @elleferguson

How do you store your beauty products? Would you give this trolley a go?

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  1. Still needing a vanity to feature my mirror and cosmetics. But I still have my transparent organisers there ready for me; the stackable “acrylic” drawers and partitions.

  2. I have this trolley on my Ikea wish list, but I also have some other ones there too. Trolleys do not always look very attractive, but they are great if you are in a rental and you aren’t allowed to install storage.

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